District CIO

Pennsylvania district's outsourced technology program moving forward

Despite push back from Northeastern York School District's former technology staff, the administration is touting gains in student-to-teacher engagement, and improvement in technological support after the district outsourced its technology department to Pittsburgh-based Questeq.

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Courts ill-equipped to police cyber-threats and cyberbullying

Our courts must have a quicker means of obtaining identifying information in cases of cyber-threats or cyberbullying. Cyber-threat perpetrators and cyberbullies have all the tools they need to launch their attacks; victims should have the tools they need to defend themselves.

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Florida governor supports tech schools with more dollars

Gov. Rick Scott is looking to invest $20 million more dollars on technical education. The Florida governor is proposing that more money be spent on equipment to help better train students for jobs once they graduate.

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Illinois Tech partners with area high school

Under a new STEM partnership between Illinois Institute of Technology, Exelon Corporation and Chicago's Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center, qualified students will be able to earn college credits at the four-year university. It will be provided at no cost to Von Steuben students beginning in the 2015-16 school year.

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Federal government to put $25 million toward cybersecurity education

The Department of Energy will provide a $25 million grant over the next five years to support cybersecurity education. The new grant will support the creation of a new cybersecurity consortium consisting of 13 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, two national labs, and a K12 school district — Charleston County schools in South Carolina.

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Life lessons light up science education

From designing more creative and flexible science classrooms to developing community service projects that engage girls in STEM, this year’s National Science Teachers Association conference in March is all about K12 students connecting learning to the real world.

Tips for hiring the best tech staff

Student-centered CIOs must now focus more on the user experience, data security and mobile learning than on just keeping networks and machines functioning.

Meeting West Virginia’s need for skilled workers

West Virginia's Council on STEM has issued its final report, with recommendations on how to fill the estimated 25,000 high-tech jobs opening up in the state by 2018. About 4,000 of those jobs can be filled by high school graduates, meaning the state must improve its K12 education system to give students solid foundations for STEM careers.

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Louisiana's Recovery School District needs to keep track of what it owns

The state Recovery School District has got to stop misplacing things. The sprawling nature of the district, which oversees 64 charter schools in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, is a challenge. But after years of critical state audits, officials should have been able to figure out how to tag and track equipment.

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Tech programs re-evaluated in Colorado district

Pueblo City Schools high school students could soon be able to earn certification in career fields such as welding, computer applications, culinary arts and health care by the time they graduate under a new proposal by district leaders.

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