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Designing games as a career path

A magnet program in computer game design draws career-focused high school students from across Florida’s sprawling Hillsborough County school system. Middleton Magnet High School houses four STEM programs, including the Academy of Computer Game Design.

Schools enter age of student IT

A cadre of students trained in IT support are bolstering the responsiveness of districts’ help desks. The students provide an inexpensive and much-needed tech resource while gaining experience, new skills and confidence.

Measure would allow Wisconsin tech colleges to run charters

Wisconsin's 16 technical colleges could establish independent charter high schools staffed by college instructors, under a proposal being circulated by two lawmakers that aims to better prepare students for the workforce.

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How digital tools can help all students

Teachers armed with the right repertoire of digital tools, professional competencies and administrative supports will be better able to attend successfully to the needs of racially and economically marginalized students and to ensure that all can succeed in what appears likely to be a highly digital future.

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South Carolina agency scrutinizes tech divide

The state’s Education Oversight Committee is evaluating the technological divide between school districts as the state moves to online end-of-year testing for every school. Less than 4 percent of South Carolina’s 81 districts report having a device available for every student.

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Digital curriculum company uploads fresh video offerings

Shmoop’s catalog of thousands of videos can be accessed via their video library, ShmoopTube, and are also embedded throughout their site to help visual and auditory learners stay apace in the text-heavy internet world. The videos cover topics from literature and history to science, math, grammar and computer science.

Lexibook presents educational giant LCD Tablet with Google Play

The Lexitab Neon XL Tablet features a double interface for adults and a Lexibook Kids OS designed for younger users. The tablet gives users access to Lexibook Market's 26,000 educational apps and Google Play.

Cloudpath releases XpressConnect ES 4.0

The upgraded XpressConnect Enrollment System 4.0 has been launched for both on-premise and cloud-based customers. The 4.0 release builds upon XpressConnect’s track record of certificate provisioning and Wi-Fi onboarding across a wide array of unmanaged (BYOD) and managed devices.

More evidence favoring art-based learning of STEM

If indeed, after a decade of studying the human brain, we know the arts enhance math and science comprehension, we must begin changing the curriculum to be using the arts and art integration, namely teaching through the arts.

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VTech expands Go! Go! Smart Wheels

The expansion of VTech's Go! Go! Smart family includes extensions to the Wheels and Animals lines and the new Go! Go! Smart Friends. Infusing technology into play patterns, the expanded product lines feature nearly 75 different playsets, accessories, animals, vehicles and figures.