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Oklahoma school receives large grant for technology

Fairland Elementary students are reaping the benefits of a $40,000 Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust grant that will be used to purchase new iPad Minis for third, fourth and fifth graders. In addition, the school also received professional teacher development training valued at $25,000.

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Textbooks and tech: classrooms in transition in Tennessee

Metro Nashville Public Schools’ decision not to buy new social studies textbooks when they were due to be replaced has sparked much discussion about the future of textbooks. It is evident that our leaders and educators are looking to the future and helping our students prepare for tomorrow by experimenting with and using a variety of tools to enhance the educational experience.

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The teacher-less classroom is not as close as you think

A popular vision of the future of education in the internet age is that teachers will become superfluous, but research suggests that the goal of students directing their own learning is still a dream and the teacher-less classroom is not as close as you think.

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Voyager Sopris Learning releases 'Step Up to Writing'

Voyager Sopris Learning's fourth edition of Step Up to Writing has been released for grades 3–5. The new grade band focuses on foundational writing skills, including learning basic technology skills and grade-level proficient and advanced writing skills.

Newark’s strategy for vocational schools provides an interstate model

In Newark, N.J., Essex County Vocational Technical Schools are graduating 96 percent of their students, many of them earning professional licenses. Buffalo, N.Y., with similar demographics to Newark, can replicate their success, but Buffalo will need some help and accomodations from the state.

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New Verite Educational Systems to offer software for schools and home

Verite Group Inc. launched a spin-off company, Verite Educational Systems Inc., to design and market enterprise-quality, multi-platform technology tools for educators and families.

New Chromebox CXI Series released by Acer

Acer America announced its new Acer Chromebox CXI line, ideal for school systems that don’t require a mobile platform and who are either invested in or want to leverage the Google Chrome system. Two Acer Chromebox models with compact chassis will be available late next month: the CXI-2GKM with 2GB memory and the CXI-4GKM with 4GB memory.​

EBSCO’s eBook collection expands with 12 new subject sets

EBSCO Information Services has released 12 new EBSCO eBook Subject Sets, which are offered to libraries in convenient collections grouped by subject matter. New subject sets include diseases & conditions, robotics and poetry, among other titles.

Speech apps to smart pens: Tech aids students with learning disabilities

New gadgets and mobile apps introduced in the past few years are making reading, writing and math more accessible to students with learning disabilities. Text-to-speech apps like Voice Dream Reader, Read2Go and Notability; speech-to-text computer programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking; and smart pens like Echo have changed the way students comprehend lessons in areas they normally struggle.

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Learning Bird, edWeb.net partner for new online professional community

Learning Bird and edWeb.net will partner to support teachers making the print-to-digital curriculum transition with a new, free online professional learning community. The Digital Educator community will focus on discussing with educators and experts how to create, publish and share digital lessons to blend, flip and differentiate learning.