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N.J. community college offering courses at new tech high school

Bergen County Technical Schools' Applied Technology High School will be housed at Bergen County Community College beginning next fall to allow students to earn 25 college credits toward an associate degree while completing high school. Students will enroll in natural science and math, engineering technology or engineering science tracks that are aligned with existing degrees offered at the college.

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New Jersey district appoints tech director

The Spotswood Board of Education appointed Eric Sheninger as director of technology integration and innovation. He was previously the principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey.

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Silicon Valley schools fall behind in STEM Funding

A mismatch exists between the needs of the 21st century workforce and the skill sets Silicon Valley public school graduates possess. Unless we improve teacher quality and school leadership over the next several years, our region may lose its standing as a global economic engine.

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New N.Y. diploma would encourage career and tech studies

The NY Board of Regents will discuss a new pathway to a diploma that will allow high school students to swap state course requirements for a test in technical education, the arts or humanities. The tests would ensure that coursework meets industry standards, and the resulting diploma will be better for the kids, the trades and better the economy.

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Will education technology be the next Mass. growth sector?

The education technology industry has been growing in Massachusetts, fueled by university faculty, students and K12 educators hoping to improve learning and be more efficient. Just as the life sciences boom was fueled by universities and early adopting hospital and medical provider systems, ed tech will need support from early adopter educators.

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Keys to a successful school tablet implementation

The nature of mobile devices means that teachers can feel they are losing control of the learning, as they can’t see what each child is working on. An appropriate classroom solution will support the shift in instruction from whole class to personalized learning. It must deliver materials at the right pace and level for each child based on their specific needs.

The importance of digital citizenship in schools

All administrators have read, or lived through, instances of cyberbullying, sexting and even suicide that have come from the misuse of technology. All users of technology need to come to grips with how to use the tools of today and how to become digital citizens.

Microsoft to students: Your data is safe with us

A number of top tech firms made a pledge to keep student data secure. Firms like Microsoft, Amplify, Code.org, DreamBox Learning, and others have signed the Student Privacy Pledge, which commits to the secure handling of data from K12 students. School service providers will not be able to sell student information or change privacy policies without notice.

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Students learn new reality of manufacturing

The Heavy Metal Tour is quickly becoming a tradition, as thousands of eighth-graders from more than 30 central Wisconsin high schools get a chance to tour various local manufacturing facilities to see for themselves the cool, high-tech work that manufacturing has become.

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29th AESA Annual Conference

December 3-6, 2014
San Diego, Calif.