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NASA teams with Slooh to engage citizen scientists

As part of the agency's Asteroid Grand Challenge, NASA is partnering with internet technology company Slooh. Slooh's global network of web-connected telescopes will be available for use by amateur astronomers for monitoring and characterizing near-Earth asteroids and for live astronomy events.

Cyberbullying — more than "mean girls"

Cyberbullying sparked media attention in dramatic, high-profile cases in which victims of online harassment committed suicide. These stories raise awareness of dramatic cases. But they overlook the dangers of minor, daily, mundane incidents — teasing, name calling, taunts that have a corrosive impact on victims’ quality of life.

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Tech solutions connect schools with first responders

One key component in updating school security and increasing emergency response time is utilizing technology to connect physical security measures to safety personnel and first responders on one broad network across an entire district.

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High tech football helmets to debut this fall in East Tennessee

Helmets worn by six Greenback high school students will provide coaches with real-time data about significant hits. Sensors inside pads in the helmet will send information to a handheld monitor, showing coaches which player was involved, where on the head they were hit and the speed of the collision.

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Technical education developed differently in Delaware, Iowa

In Delaware, technical high school districts in each county draw students from comprehensive school systems. Iowa students cannot choose a technical high school over their local comprehensive school system. As a result, there will be no extra state funding for the added expense of any new technical programs at Waterloo Community Schools.

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Seven Arizona schools share tech grants

Several Tucson-area schools will receive more than $31,000 in grants to fund innovative technology projects. The seven schools were named winners of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation’s Teachers and Technology grant program. The award recognizes teachers who have developed specific plans to innovatively implement technology in the classroom.

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Blue Ridge implements new tech program

The Illinois district's board of education has approved a new technology program designed to prepare students for the technological changes happening at the collegiate and professional level. The pilot program will also include training for parents and lend computers to students who don't have devices at home.

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Pennsylvania students "blast off" after space program saved

The current mission of Northeast High School, the first NASA-recognized high school space program, was nearly aborted because of education budget cuts in its Philadelphia school district. With more than $13,000 in crowdfunding donations, the high school's Project SPARC was able to launch its annual two-day simulated moon habitat mission.

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Package of bills in favor of New Jersey vo-tech schools

Eight bills were introduced in New Jersey that aim to promote vo-tech programs and their missions, some with funding, others with encouragement. One bill would provide facilities funding for vo-tech districts. Another would start to restore funding for adult high schools and post-secondary programs that were cut over the last five years.

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Smart city tech: Situational awareness data fused and filtered

A new cloud-based software-as-a-service product from Swan Island Networks called Trusted Information Exchange Service (TIES) for Microsoft CityNext is a situation awareness engine. It can help principals monitor 911 calls to find out more about nearby incidents. It also can give administrators faster access to information on pedophiles, breaking crime news and gang activity.

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