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Ariz. district's school bond calls for $11.2 million in tech improvements

Lake Havasu public schools students could have widespread access to tablet or other wireless devices in the classroom if a multi-million dollar school bond passes in November. The bond also would fund widespread improvements to the district’s technology infrastructure.

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With tech taking over in schools, worries rise

Technology companies are collecting a vast amount of data about students, touching every corner of their educational lives — with few controls on how those details are used. Privacy advocates say many of the details now collected by education sites and apps are not covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act because they do not form part of the institutional student education records maintained by schools.

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Large Calif. district considers major tech upgrades for over $30 million

Santa Monica-Malibu USD's Board of Education could spend up to $34.4 million to upgrade technology across the district. The cash would come from a bond approved by voters and be spent on software, hardware, new staff and more. One big ticket item, a network upgrade for 809 classrooms and workspaces, could cost about $9.2 million.

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The business of school library automation

With today’s automation software, librarians can give book recommendations and users need only a single portal to search for digital and print resources. Advanced reporting tells librarians the most commonly read genres and the age of books in the library.

New training paths for school tech staff

Given the need for qualified school technologists, there are a few training programs that specifically address the unique combination of technical and pedagogical skills needed for leaders and their staff, including CoSN’s certified education technology leader program and the Leading Edge Certification program.

Focus on inventions, not test scores

If the choice is between (a) having innovation clusters like Silicon Valley and middle-of-the-pack test scores or (b) having top-of-the-pack test scores and a second-rate innovation economy, the choice is clear. Let's focus on all the intangibles of innovation companies started, apps created, and most importantly, dreams fulfilled for judging the future success of our nation's STEM programs for kids.

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Questions persist over troubled iPad deployment in Los Angeles

With Los Angeles USD’s huge iPad purchase suspended, Superintendent John Deasy has alternated between describing the slowdown as a chance to regroup and denouncing those he accuses of politicizing the process.

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Tech firms, Los Angeles officials unveil statewide jobs consortium

In a regional effort to prepare California students for high-tech jobs, the LA HI-TECH Consortium was launched. The consortium will use a $15 million grant to strengthen strategic partnerships and career pathway links across five K12 systems, three community college districts, and a host of industry and community partners as future employers.

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Indiana school unveils security system to thwart shootings

An Indiana high school was chosen to be the first in the country to get a revolutionary security system to thwart school shootings. The multi-tiered system includes a key fob worn by teachers to activate the security system and immediately notify law enforcement. There are also hardened classroom doors, and surveillance cameras and sensors to track an attacker moving through the building.

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Technology, pressure drive rise in cheating on tests

Students and educators say technology is driving cheating to a new level. There are consequences to the easy access to information: It's eroded students' understanding of how to use technology responsibly. But as rule-breaking becomes more prevalent, teachers also are developing their own arsenal of tools to combat would-be cheaters.

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