District CIO

ALAS Education Summit

October 15-18, 2014
Atlanta, Ga.

Child obesity study takes high-tech twist

One group of freshmen at Florida's Lakewood High School are part of an assessment to launch a new study on fighting teenage obesity with technology. Following the assessment, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers will select about 50 overweight students and track their activity levels, sleep patterns and diets using a connected wristband and apps.

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In Florida district, Race to the Top money put to tech uses

As part of its $3.5 million award from the Race to the Top initiative, Bay District Schools recently transitioned to a single sign-on platform for teachers and students to access all school-related online activities. The district also is encouraging parents to let students participate in the BYOD program. It engages parents online through apps and online portals that provide real-time data about their student’s attendance, assignments and grades.

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Launching in new territory, Smart Lunches serves seven states

Smart Lunches, a "virtual lunch service" that provides healthy meals for children in schools in seven states, has launched operations in and around Washington, D.C. Daily deliveries of Smart Lunches’ meals began earlier this month at a dozen area schools.

For high school football coaches and fans, a new digital blitz

There is a technology revolution that is transforming high school football nationwide and creating opportunities for companies that supply equipment and services. Tech companies are creating high-tech football helmets and apps that track scores, stats, footage, recaps and more.

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Maryland county's middle schools welcome $1 million tech upgrade

Under Frederick County's Technology Now initiative, its middle schools will receive hundreds of Google Chromebooks, paid for by 1 million in taxpayer money. School officials hope to receive additional funding to get the Chromebooks in all of the county's elementary and high schools.

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Increasing number of schools going solar in Maryland

More Maryland K12 schools are turning to solar to power their classrooms, save money and help the environment, according to a new nationwide study. A study by The Solar Foundation found that the state's solar energy industry, which includes nearly 150 companies, has installed solar systems on nearly 40 schools.

Whiteboards advance to meet classroom technology needs

The standard whiteboard is evolving to keep up with advancements in learning technology. With today’s newer models—MimioDisplay, ActivBoard Touch and othersseveral students and teachers can work together on the same surface at the same time. Corresponding mobile apps also allow students to collaborate on their BOYD or 1-to-1 devices.

Connecticut town names new director of instructional technology

The Darien Board of Education named Middlesex Middle School Assistant Principal Marc Marin to the newly created position of director of instructional technology. The position will focus on the improved implementation of technology education.

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Sex offender digital check enhances safety in Florida schools

Administrators at Brevard County Public Schools have enhanced security this school year with a new system that automatically runs sexual predator checks on all visitors and streamlines the process for volunteers. The district previously used an internal software system to track visitors that did not include a background check.