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Preschoolers across Utah gain more access to ed tech

The Utah Legislature approved $3 million more for UPSTART, a Waterford Institute-developed software program that allows preschoolers to get ready for school via a computer at home. The program, which will receive $4.7 million total funding this year, will reach nearly 5,000 homes in 2014.

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Santa Fe, N.M., board to borrow first $11M for tech upgrades

The city's board has borrowed the first $11 million it approved in February for technology, computer and software upgrades. It will be used to fund the first phase of the district’s Digital Learning Plan, followed by more loans over the next several years to reach the $55 million estimate needed to complete all the technology improvements.

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Waterford Institute releases its reading curriculum into the cloud

Waterford Institute launched its reading curriculum in a web-based format designed to help schools reduce their hardware costs and more easily access its software. Waterford Reading is a language arts curriculum covering phonics, vocabulary, writing, oral fluency and more through learning activities, songs and books .

Connecticut students to earn associate's degrees at new tech academy

One hundred ninth-graders will effectively start college this fall when they enter a six-year academy where they will earn an associate's degree upon graduation and a chance to be "first in line" for a job at IBM. The Norwalk academy is a collaboration involving Norwalk Public Schools, Norwalk Community College and IBM.

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Are classroom gadgets really helping kids learn?

For the last six years, the buzz about educational technology has grown deafening. Schools are scrambling to figure out just how a new generation of technology—software and devices both in the marketplace and still to be developed—might better educate kids. We need to make sure hype doesn’t overtake good judgment.

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Digital school districts survey identifies innovative uses of technology

The annual Digital School Districts Survey by the Center for Digital Education and the National School Boards Association showcases school boards and districts making exemplary use of technology to govern, improve district operations, and communicate with students, parents and the community.

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How to build a solid blended learning infrastructure

When creating a blended learning program, the most appropriate infrastructure for the school's needs is key to ensure a smooth rollout. A strong infrastructure needs to have the right mix of bandwidth, management and filters.

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Plans to spend $2.5 million to upgrade tech in Wisconsin district

The Green Bay School District plans to spend nearly $2.5 million on 5,000 Chromebook computers for students in sixth, seventh, ninth and 10th grades to use in math and language arts classes. It will also replace older equipment in some elementary schools.

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Mentors help create a sustainable pipeline for women in STEM

Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24 percent of the workforce in STEM fields. The Million Women Mentor program is working to create a sustainable pipeline of women by mobilizing and engaging one million men and women to serve as STEM mentors by 2018.

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Tech executive calls for U.S. investment in STEM education

Only 16 percent of U.S. high school seniors are considered proficient in mathematics and are also interested in a STEM career. American businesses can no longer accept the status quo. We have an obligation to foster a passion for STEM education right here in our country.

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