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Video Insight releases new VMS client for Mac

Video Insight released VI Monitor for Mac. This free VMS client for Mac allows users to access live and recorded video from any cameras on the surveillance system using an Apple computer.

New social network launches for compassion in education

The Compassionate Schools Network, a free online community for individuals interested in compassion in education, hosts a Facebook-like community sharing platform, acts as a resource-sharing center and provides information and tools for compassionate schools. The website is geared towards primary and secondary education.

ADMITster.com to help students improve chances of college admission

ADMITster.com, a new college admissions planning tool, launched to help students learn what they can do to improve their chances of acceptance at U.S. colleges and universities. The ADMITster What If? Engine allows users to adjust key performance variables to see how changes in academic, extracurricular or leadership profiles affect their individual likelihood of admission.

Relying on data won't determine a college's worth

For many years, rankings have been a go-to source for families immersed in the college-selection process. Underneath it all, rankings have hotly debated methodologies, are harmfully laser-focused on limited, time-lagged quantitative criteria, and fail to provide a true picture of a college or university experience. Rankings form only a small percentage of data sources in a complex conversation.

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A surprising benefit of the Common Core: really cool video games

The implementation of Common Core has generated an unprecedented explosion in new education technologies. While new guidelines typically result in a windfall for the education industry — as textbooks are updated, test items redesigned, and new workbooks printed — it’s rare that these reorderings make much difference in the lives of students. The Common Core, however, has triggered a flurry of innovations.

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LAUSD superintendent seeks records of board members' tech-firm contacts

Superintendent John Deasy has filed a public records request seeking emails and other documents involving school board members and nearly two dozen companies including those at the center of the controversial iPad project. The move opens a new front in the fallout over a contract between the LAUSD and Apple.

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Salesforce.com donates $5 million for tech resources in San Francisco schools

The Salesforce.com Foundation made a $5 million donation to San Francisco public schools to support technology advances in classrooms, nearly doubling the $2.7 million gift the institution gave to schools last year.

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New act proposed for career tech middle school pilot program

The proposed Middle School Technical Education Program Act aims to connect middle schoolers to potential careers and the skills they’ll need. The legislation would create a pilot program for schools to partner with postsecondary institutions and local businesses for education, apprenticeships and other opportunities not usually available until high school.

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Pennsylvania school integrates use of students' phones into classes

As part of a pilot BYOD program at a Pennsylvania high school, students are also using their phones with software that coordinates class projects and activities in a somewhat private social network. And students study traditional social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, in a digital citizenship class.

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Detroit tech schools undergoing redesign focusing on jobs of the future

Technical schools in Detroit Public Schools are going through a redesign this year, aimed at making their programs more relevant for the jobs of the future. The district is creating 21st Century Workforce Development Centers at four schools where students will be able to dual-enroll in high school and college courses at the same time.

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