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Calif. district's students use tech to monitor cow's health

Union High School students are using medical tools to test whether cows at the school dairy are becoming ill. Hourly core body temperature are recorded by software, which sends health alerts to wireless devices.

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What's new in schools is keyboard curricula

High school typing class was once just an elective for students planning to attend college. No more. Teaching kids to type from an early age is becoming standard.

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Grant will boost tech program at Indiana district

A $100,000 Indiana Department of Education Career and Technical Education Grant awarded to West Central CET Area 23 for the implementation of an advanced manufacturing curriculum will enable the high school to purchase manufacturing equipment and offer a training and certification system.

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Wash. lawmakers aim to make high schoolers prove they’re tech-savvy

Under a proposal from State Superintendent Randy Dorn, school districts would have to report how their students are meeting technology literacy requirements — whether it’s through a test, a culminating project or computer-oriented coursework.

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Phones replace books at Ky. high school's all-tech chemistry class

In chemistry class in Ballard High School, students still do lab experiments, but all the directions are on their computers or mobile devices. In addition to using Google Docs for more organized note taking and real-time teacher grading, students are able to watch videos about the experiments they are about to conduct.

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Uncovering security flaws in digital education products

Some technologists say widespread lapses in student data protection across the education technology sector could potentially expose students to hacking, identity theft or even unwanted contact from strangers.

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Oregon needs to invest in technical education

For the past several decades, school systems have disinvested in teaching students how to make things, discontinuing shop classes and other hands-on learning to stress academic instruction and college prep classes. But now, creating opportunities for students to have applied learning experiences is a critical pathway to high-demand jobs.

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North Carolina's new online charter school to launch with K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. is partnering with North Carolina Learns, Inc., a nonprofit charter school board, to operate the new North Carolina Virtual Academy for K12 students. The online school will use K12's curriculum technology and employ state-certified teachers from across North Carolina to provide customized instruction to students.

Test bank solution brought to market by Skyward

Skyward announced a new test bank management program that enables administrators and educators to create custom student progress assessments at the district, school and classroom level.

New Vernier tester helps students explore engineering concepts

Vernier Software & Technology launched the Vernier Structures & Materials Tester to help STEM students explore key engineering concepts. Students can design, build and test structures, conduct bridge competitions and analyze beam designs and material properties.