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Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo

April 2-4, 2014

New York, N.Y.

CoSN 2014 Annual Conference

March 19-22, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Virginia lab instructor honored by international tech educators

Adam Kemp, lab director at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, was named the Star of the Month by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. Last fall, Kemp’s students completed work on the TJ3Sat satellite, which was launched into orbit by NASA in November. It was the first spacecraft built by high school students to orbit the Earth.

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10 top tech gadgets and apps for frazzled parents

Some of the tech tools and apps that parents use to help them navigate raising kids in our wired world include Life 360, ZocDoc, Pearl.com and others.

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Fifty percent of K12 teachers report inadequate classroom tech support

In a new nationwide survey of more than 600 K12 teachers, 50 percent reported inadequate assistance when using technology in the classroom. Educators cited a lack of support in facing technical issues and implementing new hardware or software.

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Digital Learning Report Card shows digital learning progress

Digital Learning Now!, a national initiative of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, released its 2013 Digital Learning Report Card measuring and grading K12 policies in all 50 states. In 2013, over 450 digital learning bills were debated and 132 were signed into law, bringing the total of enacted legislation since 2011 to more than 360.

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How can public education and job readiness shrink the skills gap?

What role should K12 public education play in the job readiness of its graduates? Answering this question first requires addressing the proper role of public education. Some believe in education for education's sake; that no further explanation is required. Others prefer simple yet more-expansive descriptions of the role of public education.

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Why Washington lawmakers need to invest in STEM education

Although Washington ranks first in the nation for creating jobs that require STEM skills, we’re not doing a good job of preparing and inspiring the next generation to compete for them. Those good-paying jobs often require a strong high school education, a technical certificate or a wide range of postsecondary degrees. That forces our companies to recruit from elsewhere and leaves our kids on the outside looking in.

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Education progression relies on technology

Bridging the “new digital divide” shouldn’t be an insurmountable political issue. Instead, it should be about reframing and reforming our educational pedagogy, positioning technological literacy as a way to combat growing inequality and provide an American economy with a workforce equipped to compete.

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Oklahoma's OSUTeach critical for state’s economy

Oklahoma State University is the only university in the state and one of just 40 in the nation to be selected by the National Math and Science Initiative and UTeach Institute to prepare STEM teachers for elementary and secondary education. The initiative will be supported by 2 million in grants and there are plans to raise an additional $1 million.

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