District CIO

Whole Child Symposium

May 8, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Staff protest eliminating high school tech director position

A proposed shared services agreement amongst four New Jersey districts would remove the in-house technology director position at Northern Highlands' high school. Under the agreement, one CTO would be appointed to oversee seven schools.

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Barry Haines comes to New Jersey district as new director of tech

The Montclair district has brought in Barry Haines as its new director of technology to lead an IT infrastructure upgrade that will support 21st century teaching and learning. Haines previously supervised educational technology in New Jersey's Parsippany-Troy Hills and Flemington-Raritan districts.

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Utah's new adaptive testing system draws praise, criticism

Students are taking the new, year-end SAGE computer adaptive assessment that adapts to the skill level of an individual child. Hailed by educators as providing timely, precise results for use in classroom planning, it has also been coldly received by parents skeptical of its adaptive format and alignment with the Common Core.

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State legislatures grapple with biometrics use in schools

While the efficiency benefits gained from using biometric technology can be useful, lawmakers are starting to look at restricting the technology’s use in K12 schools. Florida has legislation pending that would ban schools from collecting biometric data such as fingerprints and iris scans.

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Is the U.S. losing the tech race?

Radical changes in K12 education cannot be justified on the basis of pervasive but largely unfounded claims of widespread scientist and engineer shortages. That said, there are even stronger reasons to continue to improve science and math education.

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Computer education: Shouldn't it be part of high school?

Currently, only 19 states and the District of Columbia allow computer science courses to count toward high school graduation requirements. California is not one of them. By providing graduation credits for these courses, more students will be encouraged to explore this critical field.

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InBloom student data nonprofit closing

InBloom, which launched with $100 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is closing down amidst student data privacy concerns and withdrawn state contracts. The educational software company offered districts a cloud-based system for storing student data.

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Secant Technologies to upgrade Mich. district if bonds approved

Contingent on a $36.74 million bond approval by voters in May, Secant Technologies will help South Haven schools with technology upgrades, including analyzing technology needs, developing bid specifications and overseeing the bidding process for the technology portion of the bond work.

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$107 million in grants for high school programs

The Department of Labor and Education has awarded 24 Youth CareerConnect grants, totaling $107 million. The funds are being given to integrate high school education and career skills initiatives with many of the recipients utilizing the funds to increase post-secondary technology education and apprenticeships.

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