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How Google, Apple and other tech firms envision education

The companies who offer the most capable, cost-efficient education-tailored hardware and software are likely to see the classrooms and students of the future adopting their devices. Some of the most visible companies offering educational tools and hardware are Google, which recently released its newest tool, Classroom, Apple with more than 75,000 education apps and Facebook, which is piloting a program to provide free WiFi access to students’ homes.

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New attendance technology struggling in Los Angeles

Teachers reported a multitude of problems with Los Angeles Unified's new MiSiS grading and attendance recording system during the first week of school. With the new technology struggling, school teachers were asked to take manual attendance. The new system comes after district administrators dropped a previous system they spent $38.3 million to develop.

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Multimedia enhances school research projects

Instead of essays and book reports, more schools are turning toward multimedia projects in the classroom to make lessons more engaging and even promote tolerance and stem the tide of bullying and tolerance.

Use BYOD strategies to prepare for BYOA

BYOD has led to BYOA — bring-your-own-app. Perhaps even more so than devices, apps are proving serious threats to school IT networks, especially as students and teachers become increasingly dependent on them. All of the data being uploaded, downloaded and streamed through these apps can put great strain on those networks and open them up to security threats.

Driving blended learning at the state level

As blended learning continues to grow, one of the challenges education leaders are facing is the fact that knowledge of the concept spreads faster than expertise on how to foster and support it.

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Looking beyond building a digital, no-books library

The physical books on shelves occupy a shrinking portion of library budgets. The digital-only library is far from a utopian information commons, where the voices weighing in on every conceivable topic may be heard. Rather, that utopian commons is the traditional, albeit well-resourced, library with several generations worth of collection expertise and strong bargaining power against the electronic vendors.

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Denver schools starting year with new STEM career classes

Officials are preparing to spend more than $7 million on new career-education classes to benefit about 1,000 students in the first year. Denver Public Schools will be introducing and expanding STEM classes to include manufacturing, pre-engineering, health biotechnology and game-design coding.

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Virginia school system to break ground on new STEM academy

The $27 million campus of the new Magruder Elementary Discover STEM Academy in Newport News is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016. Designed from top to bottom as a STEM facility, the school will feature 36 classrooms for K5 students.

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District in Iowa looks to add hundreds of new cameras to school buildings

The Sioux City Community School District wants to put cameras in every school. The new technology would be integrated with the police department's system. It's expected to take four years and cost $500,000 to install 200 cameras.

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Tennessee county goes high tech to track school buses

The Knox County School system is implementing new software to track exactly where school buses are driving during the day. The county is implementing the software as a resource for parents to help improve the safety of their children, as well as a means to save some money for the district.

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