District CIO

Rethinking professional learning in the digital age

When planning the implementation of a huge technology initiative, where audio enhancement and camera technologies would be placed in 552 classrooms in one summer, the key to success was rethinking how we deliver professional learning.

Illinois tech director earns Withrow Chief Technology Officer Award

District 214 Director of Technology Keith Bockwoldt has received the Consortium for School Networking’s 2014 Withrow National CTO Award. Bockwoldt designed the district's Educational Technology Replacement and Initiative Program and introduced a 1-to-1 program featuring 5,000 iPads for student use.

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Common Core will put school technology to the test

A year from now, Washington students will take the latest round of standardized tests on a computer. A lot of students will log into several devices all at the same time, within a short window, taking up significant chunks of their district’s bandwidth. As the state transitions to the new technology-based tests, districts are preparing their technological infrastructures—namely computers and Internet capacity.

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New director for Pennsylvania career tech school

Thomas Baileys replaces Vincent Nallo, who retired in December, as the new administrative director of Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County. He faces a school with declining enrollment and takes over in the middle of an $18 million renovation project.

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Michigan district hires new curriculum/tech director

Brandi-Lyn Mendham will become Zeeland Public Schools' new director of curriculum and technology on May 1. The position is a blend of two vacated positions. Mendham currently works for the West Shore Education Services District.

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Five learning management systems with educator-friendly features

Overall, the type of learning management system (LMS) that instructors prefer may largely depend on course content, structure and subject matter. Moodle, Course Toolkit, EDU 2.0, JoomlaLMS, and ATutor are versatile systems that give educators many options for how to handle important aspects of teaching.

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Charting three-year tech path for Tennessee district

To bring the technology infrastructure of Hamilton County Schools up to speed, school officials say they must spend millions more annually to hire new teachers, administrators and technicians. A new three-year plan calls for eventually spending nearly $4 million more a year above the costs of new devices.

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Missouri district focused on online management system

As part of its digital transformation, the Washington School District is looking at purchasing a learning management system (LMS) to be implemented districtwide to support communications among teachers, students, parents and administrators. The search has been narrowed from 20 systems to two companies.

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Adding coding to the curriculum

Exposing students to coding from an early age helps to demystify an area that can be intimidating. It also breaks down stereotypes of computer scientists as boring geeks. Plus programming is highly creative: Studying it can help to develop problem-solving abilities and equip students for a world transformed by technology.

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Delaware bill seeks to allow citizens to select vo-tech boards

Two state lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would place selection of the board members of the state’s three vocational/technical districts in the hands of voting citizens. Currently, the boards are all appointed by the governor with each member of the seven-member boards serving a seven-year term.

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