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Separate Wichita tech ed magnet school not likely to be built soon

In 2008, the Wichita board voted to invest $10 million to start a tech ed magnet school and $7 million toward high school tech ed projects. The tab has far exceeded the $1 million-per-school allocation and likely the $10 million as well, calling into question whether the separate magnet school will be built.

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Business invests in New York City's tech education

New York City educators and business leaders agree that the development of a skilled workforce teeming with bright, tech-savvy young people is essential if our city is to continue to prosper and be great. Several large employers are investing in a new approach to public education to prepare students for careers.

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Make entrepreneurship a part of STEM education

In the past few years, the movement to add art to the traditional emphasis on STEM in K-18 education has burgeoned across the nation, i.e. STEM + art = STEAM. It is time for us to make entrepreneurship part of the K-18 education, i.e. Entrepreneurship + STEAM = ESTEAM.

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For cash-strapped schools, smart ways to spend limited tech dollars

Technologists should be encouraged to think creatively about solutions that can be adapted for the classroom-and not to automatically buy solutions offered up by companies pitching schools with their products, says Mark Samberg of Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

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Ill. district appoints new career & technology director/administrator

The Board of Education of Township High School District 214, the state's second largest high school district, has appointed Dan Weidner as the district administrator for career and technical education.

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Extron expands advanced configuration software portfolio

Extron introduced Global Configurator Professional, a new configuration software for control systems and applications that range in scope from single projector classrooms to large, elaborate control system designs.

New InFocus projector series delivers content without a PC

Visual communications technology manufacturer InFocus Corporation launched its latest low-cost line of projectors, the IN120a series with 3 models, which can display content without being hooked up to a computer.

Calif. students engaged with interactive 3D stations from zSpace, Inc.

zSpace, Inc. and Los Altos School District announced a pilot program in STEM education that will bring immersive 3D learning stations to students in third through eighth grade. The students will learn about earth, space, physical and life sciences.

Wixie update now includes integration with Gaggle

With this Tech4Learning integration, schools and districts will be able to use single‐sign on to access educational technology products from Wixie and Gaggle.

Apple makes improvements in iOS management tools for education

Apple released a slew of improvements and alterations to make deployments at enormous scales more appealing for education and enterprise customers in charge of purchasing and maintaining iPhones and iPads.

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