District CIO

How to build a solid blended learning infrastructure

When creating a blended learning program, the most appropriate infrastructure for the school's needs is key to ensure a smooth rollout. A strong infrastructure needs to have the right mix of bandwidth, management and filters.

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Plans to spend $2.5 million to upgrade tech in Wisconsin district

The Green Bay School District plans to spend nearly $2.5 million on 5,000 Chromebook computers for students in sixth, seventh, ninth and 10th grades to use in math and language arts classes. It will also replace older equipment in some elementary schools.

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Mentors help create a sustainable pipeline for women in STEM

Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24 percent of the workforce in STEM fields. The Million Women Mentor program is working to create a sustainable pipeline of women by mobilizing and engaging one million men and women to serve as STEM mentors by 2018.

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Tech executive calls for U.S. investment in STEM education

Only 16 percent of U.S. high school seniors are considered proficient in mathematics and are also interested in a STEM career. American businesses can no longer accept the status quo. We have an obligation to foster a passion for STEM education right here in our country.

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Pennsylvania board hires data collection-input supervisor

The Chambersburg Area School District chose Nevin Greesey as its new supervisor of data collection and integration. He will be responsible for overseeing data gathering and input to fulfill mandates from the state Department of Education.

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Tech + lax boundaries can = teacher misconduct

There’s something about technology, social media and the relaxed boundaries they seem to encourage that are contributing to what some observers perceive as a growing problem of inappropriate teacher-student contact

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Louisiana district could delay tech work to save millions

Jefferson Parish officials are considering delaying technology upgrades until the fall in order to be eligible for federal E-Rate reimbursements. Although the move would save the district up to $15 million, the delay could mean Jefferson might not be fully ready to administer the new PARCC standardized test on computers by May 2015.

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Illinois district to conduct 15,000-student tech survey

Illinois' large District 300 will survey 15,500 students and 1,500 teachers and administrators to help shape the future of technology in its classrooms. The survey will assess whether educators and students understand and are comfortable with technologies used in the classroom.

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Games students play in New York City

Quest to Learn, a public school formed by the New York City Department of Education and Institute of Play for grades six through 12, and its sister school in Chicago are among the only schools organized around principles of games and connected learning.