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5 top tech tools (and how to use them in education)

What good is a nifty new device if you don’t know how to use it? What’s the purpose of loading up your new iPad Air with a gazillion apps if you never figure out how to properly use them in the classroom?

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Augmented Reality: New learning dimensions

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology that blends streaming video with computed generated content. It is the latest phase of flipped classrooms for teachers who want to energize instruction.

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6 strategies for telling your district’s technology story

School district leaders must keep a diverse audience of teachers, principals, parents, local community leaders and other stakeholders informed of important district activities and learning initiatives.

Blended learning models taking hold in California schools

Blended learning is becoming entrenched in California schools, but elementary schools and high schools are taking different approaches when integrating learning technology.

SIIA announces student info privacy and data security best practices

The Software & Information Industry Association released the Best Practices for the Safeguarding of Student Information Privacy and Security for Providers of School Services as guidance for providers of educational services to educational institutions.

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$6 million high school digital arts center opens in San Lorenzo, Calif.

Students will soon be able to film movies and produce TV shows in a new digital arts studio with a 3,100-square-foot sound stage, a control room, an editing suite, a voice-over room and a TV studio complete with several cameras and a teleprompter.

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Western Wisconsin conference focuses on teaching with technology

Responding to requests from area educators, organizers decided to change the form of this year’s 108th annual Western Wisconsin Education Conference to focus completely on technology training.

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App creates cyber bullying concerns in Kansas district

A new social media messaging app is creating a cyber bullying problem in high schools across the nation after students in Mobile, Ala., were arrested on suspicion of making terroristic threats on the app YikYak.

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A push to boost computer science learning, even at an early age

A handful of nonprofit and for-profit groups are working to address what they see as a national education crisis: Too few of America's K12 public schools actually teach computer science basics and fewer still offer it for credit.

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Inventor inspires innovation at Ohio STEM school

Jim Wynne, inventor of Lasik, visited STEM middle and high schools in Akron as part of a series of guest speakers who inspire students to cultivate creativity as they study to become scientists and engineers, and hopefully innovators.

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