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District Administration, July/Aug 2012

Facilities support services director Timothy Marsh (left) looks on as Newport Harbor High School assistant principal David Martinez (center left) and principal Michael Vossen (middle) receive a check for $10,846.
Students are being trained to audit and help conserve electricity on district campuses.

District Administration, April 2012

Eighth-grade honors students work on a physics experiment to determine the acceleration of marbles. The district is focusing on improving science literacy, through professional development.
Funding and partnerships with higher ed institutions can help increase professional development resources.

District Administration, February 2012

No Excuses University
Amarillo (Texas) Independent School District

District Administration, January 2012

Mason County (Ky.) School District

District Administration, Nov/Dec 2011

Administrators in Olathe (Kan.) Unified School District have spent the past decade identifying and developing opportunities for immersion in a range of career paths relevant to local students.

District Administration, September 2011

Somerville, Mass. is a model city where civic and educational leaders are creating a culture of healthy living for young residents.

District Administration, Jul 2011

Ted Scalzo
While funding woes and NCLB mandates have led many school districts to cut music programs, Bay Shore, N.Y., remains steadfast in its support of all forms of arts education.

District Administration, May 2011

Elementary schools that buck tradition and place recess before lunch consistently report improvements in student nutrition and behavior.

District Administration, Apr 2011

Clermont (Ohio) Northeastern Schools' thrifty ways of saving money.

District Administration, Mar 2011

New Canaan (Conn.) Public Schools award-winning library media center models an affordable vision for 21st Century collaborative teaching

District Administration, Feb 2011

At Socorro's Eastlake High School, ninth graders have begun learning Mandarin Chinese using an online tool.

District Administration, Jan 2011

Superintendent Sheri Allen of Mankato (Minn.) Area Public Schools educates several hundred students of refugee and immigrant families, many of them survivors of poverty and abuse in war-torn Somalia and Sudan.

District Administration, Nov 2010

Council Rock (Pa.) School District's success has been possible because board members, staffers, students and parents have all embraced the same idea—small actions, taken collectively, can yield huge changes.

District Administration, Oct 2010

Balsz (Ariz.) Elementary School District, the first school district in Arizona to adopt a 200-day calendar, is reporting impressive academic improvements after only one year.

District Administration, Jul 2010

Last year, Arkansas gave Springdale (Ark.) Public Schools an award for wide-ranging policies and educational programs that promote the health of students, their families, and school staff.

District Administration, Feb 2010

For this progressive superintendent and board, it's all about trust.

District Administration, Jun 2009

A new Web-based tool, Tel.A.Vision, inspires young people to dream the possible dream.

District Administration, Mar 2009

Natomas (Calif.) Unified School District

District Administration, Nov 2008

Character education in memory of the first victim of the Columbine shootings, 10 years ago.