Eric A. Clayton

Articles by Eric A. Clayton

District Administration, Nov 2010

How St. Louis-based Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation continued operations with the two-year closing of an interstate highway.

District Administration, Sep 2010

A new study from researchers at Indiana University says negative stereotypes hinder learning in the present and could make it impossible in the future.
Stockton (Calif.) Unified School District promotes healthy recess activities to reduce chaos on the school yard and ultimately in the classroom.

District Administration, Jul 2010

We asked our advisory panel of administrators what their districts are doing for professional development as they face tighter budgets.
New report documents that the supply for online courses isn't meet the demand.
The gulf drilling explosion on the Deepwater Horizon caused an unprecedented disaster. The most sustainable and forward-thinking answer to prevent the next disaster may lie in education.

District Administration, Jun 2010

It is within the academic realm of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) that the foundations for future disaster-aversion could be built.