Lynn Russo Whylly

Newsletter/Copy Editor

Lynn Russo Whylly is Newsletter/Copy Editor for District Administration and University Business magazines.

Articles by Lynn Russo Whylly

District Administration, April 2014

District Administration, March 2014

Superintendent Art Fessler pursued creating the 21st Century Leadership Academy for his Illinois district administrators when he started working last summer. 
Community Consolidated School District 59’s leadership academy is teaching administrators how to coach teachers
Superintendent Rod Thompson's suburban Minnesota district has grown from 3,500 students to 8,000.
A 30 percent shift in diversity is driving exciting new opportunities

District Administration, January 2014

Don Brann visits an elementary school in the Inglewood district—and listens to staff needs.
Financially-struggling Inglewood USD was taken over by state in 2012

District Administration, November 2013

At Batavia Public Schools in Illinois, administrators gather with CIO Anton Inglese. From left to right, Kris Mon, assistant superintendent of finance; Superintendent Lisa Hichens, Inglese, and Steve Pearce, assistant superintendent for human resources.
The role demands collaborative leadership, instructional skills, and (don’t forget) cutting edge technical expertise
Student information systems are now portals for parents, students, and teachers to communicate

District Administration, September 2013

From hands-on learning stations to taking kids out of the classroom and putting them in the field, Springfield (Mo.) Public Schools is committed to project-based learning.
Range of organizations offering professional development opportunities

District Administration, August 2013

Patrick Sweeney spoke at last spring’sTannersville’s Memorial Day Observance, where community and American Legion members gathered. Photo credit: Bob Mazon
Patrick Darfler Sweeney’s master consolidation plan would provide new learning.
Westfield (N.J.) Public Schools' "Walls to Windows" technology plan will include BYOD this school coming school year.
Westfield (N.J.) Public Schools planning to create connected, collaborative learning community

District Administration, July 2013

Superintendent says yoga provides valuable exercise and has even improved students' academic performance

District Administration, February 2012

District Administration, Dec 2012

Martha Liddell, superintendent of Columbus (Miss.) Municipal School District
Project 2020 Turns High School Dropouts into Graduates
A cloud-based solution enables a computer rollout and saves the district $250,000.

District Administration, October 2012