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Under Principal Alan Tenreiro’s leadership, Cumberland High School has seen increases in academic achievement, graduation rates, and the number of students admitted to college. (Photo: Lifetouch Photography)
Maryland state schools Superintendent Lillian Lowery resigns to lead educational nonprofit

District Administration, October 2015

Nonprofit REAL School Gardens works with corporations to build outdoor classrooms at low-income schools
Low-income students are more likely to have uncorrected vision problems. (Click to enlarge)
Schools can play a central role in identifying unmet student health needs
Students attending an Internationals Network-supported school learn English language skills.
In the first eight months of fiscal year 2015, fewer than 18,000 unaccompanied minors arrived in the United States
Albemarle County Public Schools removed hundreds of high school lockers and replaced them with benches for students to charge mobile devices.
Of the 2,000 high school students in Albemarle County Public Schools, only 25 requested lockers last school year
Brevard Public Schools changed principal PD in 2014-15 to focus intensively on building principals’ skills working with teachers in the modern classroom.
Building leaders update skills to keep pace with learning standards and state accountability
Psychologists from Ardsley Union Free School District in New York use behavioral therapy for students who injure themselves.
An estimated 13 percent to 26 percent of high school students engage in non-suicidal self-injury
Former New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott
Dennis M. Walcott will lead review of East Ramapo Central School District, following state investigation
Common Core exams spur new expectations from state and district education leaders
Windows 10 joins an ever-changing mix of Apple, Android and Microsoft devices and operating systems found in U.S. school districts
District looks to save about $130 million per year

District Administration, September 2015

Students at Horizon Elementary School, part of Holt Public Schools in Michigan, attend school on a year-round calendar. The first day of school was Aug. 4.
The number of public, year-round schools—also called “balanced-calendar” schools—increased by 26 percent from 2007 to 2012
Click to enlarge: Five steps districts can take to save money on edtech purchases. (Source: Foundation for Excellence in Education)
The lines between the tech and instruction budgets have blurred in many districts
Sandy Grove Middle School in North Carolina produces more energy than it consumes
In 2012, nearly every state was part of either PARCC or the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. As of this July, only 28 remained.
Comparing state results across the country will be more difficult as testing becomes more fragmented
Source:  Education Commission of the States (Click to enlarge)
Many states have affirmed the standards but renamed them
The lines between homeschooling and the public ed system are beginning to blur
Cave Creek USD had three unfilled teacher positions last year. This year, administrators are offering a signing bonus to attract new teachers to the area.
Salaries remain low, public school funding is down and some states have eliminated tenure protections
Source: “From Statehouse to Schoolhouse: Anti-Bullying Policy Efforts in U.S. States and School Districts,” GLSEN (Click to enlarge)
Every state in the country now has an anti-bullying law, but the regulations vary widely
New Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool takes over a district grappling with a budget shortfall of about $1.1 billion.
Shawnterra Moore becomes superintendent of South San Francisco USD

District Administration, August 2015

Many school leaders say they are renovating or building to maximize space and update old facilities
Since January, 19 states introduced legislation to require students take basic history exams. (Click to enlarge)
5 other states have rejected the proposal
In Clear Lake Middle School, part of Clear Lake Community School District in northern Iowa, teachers have time every week to access student data and tailor instruction.
Iowa middle school students leave early one day each week so teachers can analyze test results
Rural Saco School District is located off Highway 2 in northeastern Montana. The highway and nearby train put the district’s 50-student school at greater risk for intruders, Superintendent Gordon Hahn says.
Organizations such as the National Association of Secondary School Principals recommend districts hire a school resource officer instead of arming staff members
Arizona district adds robotics and a STEM drama club