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District Administration, September 2015

How the top teaching colleges prepare students for today’s classrooms

District Administration, August 2015

Districts find unique revenue streams in corporate partnerships

District Administration, June 2015

Field trips to the Elwha River near the Pacific coast let students do real-world experiments

District Administration, November 2014

Students are safer in schools, like the one above, that have Data Management Inc.’s Visitor Pass Solutions Software. It gathers updated data on all visitors.
Computerized kiosks can help balance safety and convenience

District Administration, October 2014

Second-graders at Walker Elementary School in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District use Follett’s Destiny Quest mobile app to locate digital resources in libraries and on Follett Shelf.
Software frees librarians to focus on digital literacy

District Administration, July 2014

Diesel-fueled buses are the most common for transporting students in cities, suburbs and rural areas due to good gas mileage and easy fueling.
From safety to staffing, tips for managing your school bus fleet

District Administration, June 2014

Students use their own mobile devices to work out math problems in an economics and personal finance class at Marshall High School in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.  (Photo: Donnie Biggs)
Technologies, policies and strategies early adopters use to transform their districts
6 decisions a district leader must make when accepting electronic payments from parents

District Administration, May 2014

For some districts, outsourcing may be the answer

District Administration, March 2014

Sodexo Education employees bring technical expertise to improve cleanliness in schools.
Pros and cons of outsourcing building and grounds maintenance

District Administration, January 2014

Energy specialists for the Tulsa Public Schools inspect an air-cooled chiller during one of their daily energy audits of facilities throughout the district.
District leaders have lots of options for controlling costs and saving energy

District Administration, December 2013

Students at Valley Christian School in San Jose, Calif., buy healthy snacks like coconut water, unsalted nuts and fresh fruit, from a high-tech HUMAN Healthy Vending machine.
Maximize profits with favorable contracts, new technology, and healthier products

District Administration, November 2013

Accordian-style lifts work well in multipurpose rooms or gyms, where balls or other objects cannot be trapped under the machine.
Design, policies, and products can increase accessibility beyond ADA requirements
Each portable Ascension wheelchair lift has a control panel outside and inside, which allows passengers to operate the lift themselves unless they have assistance.
Teachers and paraprofessionals need to learn how to help students without injuring themselves

District Administration, October 2013

Parents can pitch ideas through website and mobile devices
When districts use WillowTree Apps, which designs engagement platforms, parents only have to use one login and get access to everything—school calendar, attendance, work—in one space.
Districts provide digital parent-engagement platforms on websites and in mobile apps

District Administration, September 2013

Reformers and teachers’ advocates are clashing over a wide-ranging new voucher program and the elimination of tenure-based pay
But administrators are looking for more than just easy maintenance when picking new floors

District Administration, July 2013

At the Chino Valley (Calif.) USD, Ruben S. Ayala Senior High School’s concert percussion ensemble uses digital displays from ViewSonic to enhance their performances. The vivid colors and crisp images that the displays project help make Ayala Senior High consistently one of the top teams in competitions. The ensemble can hang the signage with a crane 13 feet in the air, or use them as a stage and perform on top of them.
The latest technology is essential in capturing attention and sharing critical information.
A Nation at Risk: 30 Years Later
Industry experts gathered to discuss what has changed--and hasn’t--since “A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform” was published
“Kids today cannot go into a classroom and turn into a passive consumer; they are wired differently every other moment of the day.”

District Administration, May 2013

Challenges for CIOs through BYOD, 4G, open networks and more.
Innovative designs for tomorrow's learning.