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District Administration, September 2015

Some of the latest software solutions monitor applications for free meals and track federal and state reimbursement reports for the National School Lunch Program.
Administrators and parents can check account balances, allergies and other information from computers and mobile devices

District Administration, August 2015

ool credits the Cyber Civics curriculum with raising test scores and eliminating poor digital student behavior.
Cyber Civics curriculum focuses on digital citizenship, critical thinking
Devices can be stored and charged in portable carts and lockers, and some models can also sync software

District Administration, June 2015

District Administration, May 2015

Flight simulators teaching geometry, physics and meteorology
This required curriculum for kindergarten through grade 10 at Chicago Public Schools celebrates the growing diversity in the district.
New curriculum focuses on Central and South America and the Caribbean
Author Clair T. Berube says country’s security, reputation and quality of life all depend on providing future generations of American workers with competitive skills.
Recommended reading includes books on blended and project-based learning, and diversity
New software helps librarians organize materials and make them easy to fin

District Administration, April 2015

1 in 3 students says it’s “very true” that technology can be a distraction when used excessively
Eleven states have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, which cover climate change and also acknowledge human influence
Featured in Boston’s new history curriculum, this donated photo from Discovery Roxbury shows an integrated classroom at the city’s David A. Ellis School in the 1930s.
Educators want students to understand segregation had impacts beyond the South
Programs offer the flexibility to exercise inside or outdoors

District Administration, March 2015

Adaptive and engaging products try to meet needs of individual students while aligning with standards
Authors Darryl Vidal and Michael Casey provide administrators with a structured methodology for developing an educational technology vision that benefits all stakeholders.
Recommended reading includes books on tech strategy, rewards, teaching and leadership
While protecting students’ privacy, the act also aims to give enough freedom for companies to conduct research

District Administration, January 2015

Anchor standards to guide educators in teaching the Common Core skills students need in order to prepare for colleges and careers.
Recommended reading for district leaders includes books on reasoning, authentic learning and child neglect

District Administration, December 2014

DA is proud to present the 2014 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products.
DA presents its annual Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

District Administration, November 2014

Students in all grade levels have been using robotics in the classroom at Fayette County Schools in Kentucky.
Robots playing a bigger role in STEM education
Honorees, selected from hundreds of nominations, are leading the way with new education ideas
Students following Next Generation Science Standards show higher performance
Louisiana students will be learning more about the Battle of New Orleans, the final major battle in the War of 1812, this school year.
The Battle of New Orleans is the third state history-related curriculum released since 2010
In The Power of Teacher Leaders, top educational researchers describe the many ways teachers are leading.
Recommended reading includes books on data, Common Core and collaboration

District Administration, October 2014

With today’s newer models, students can collaborate on single surface and with mobile apps

District Administration, September 2014

Starting this fall, all meals at 35 Des Moines schools will be reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Meals at 35 schools and three preschools will be completely covered by U.S. Department of Agriculture