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District Administration, November 2012

Hite with Philly kids walk to school
William Hite Jr. is ready for new urban challenges

District Administration, June 2012

girl with boy senior year
Former guidance counselors have created programs that prepare seniors for college and beyond.
States and districts are adopting policies to make the final year of high school more rigorous.

District Administration, May 2012

The Hillsborough County School District—in partnership with the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County—will offer myON Reader to all children in the county.
New products are designed to improve aptitude, fulfill Common Core State Standards, provide unlimited access to online libraries and bring 21st-century learning into the classroom.

District Administration, February 2012

New software and applications for mobile learning devices are popping up every day. Here are five that can be used in the classroom.
Barring a formal curriculum to use for mobile devices, teachers think outside the box.