Online Edge

It may seem expensive to budget to do online in-service education well, but it costs more in the long-run to do it poorly, and even more to skip it altogether.
Teaching "transcendent" skills that will mark successful workers in the future.
Breakthrough technologies challenge the fundamental premises of schools.
Let’s discuss the definition of learning.

Student Counsel

Counselors should always be vigilant in addressing the reality of bullying.
Those who hold leadership roles within our schools must come to terms with the fact that standards, curriculum, instruction, assessments and accountability will only get you so far in improving student achievement.
We need to support students to help interrupt the cycle of failure.
Educators should stay focused on what's important to students and help them and their families put the acrimonious public debate on education in proper perspective.

Professional Opinion

District Administration, May 2015
Using instructional coaching to improve teacher effectiveness
District Administration, May 2015
Measuring the progress of an engaging instructional program
District Administration, May 2015
Funding opportunities come in the form of new grants that constantly emerge from public and private sources
District Administration, April 2015
Providing a high-quality education—against the odds—for all students