Case Studies

Preparing students for next-generation demands by improving their research skills
Using’s digital literacy curriculum, students in New Rochelle master word processing, spreadsheets and internet safety
Web-based student management suite from Skyward motivates learners to stay in touch and on task
Using competency-based, student-driven learning to achieve math results
AT&T is implementing a comprehensive future-driven technology plan that encompasses school infrastructure improvements, a full 1:1 tablet solution and the development of apps that digitize the school’s social emotional learning strategies
New federal guidelines change the way schools can purchase managed Wi-Fi
With Lightspeed’s FLEXCAT, students in Escambia County Schools are more attentive and engaged
Mobile duress system from Inovonics part of diverse security strategy at the Cushman School
Digital resources help students develop the skills necessary for college and career readiness
Cutting-edge technology plays an important role in district turnaround effort