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Solution Showcase

In Solution Showcase, District Administration spotlights innovative solutions from leading K12 vendors with 20-minute product videos.


Join us for an introduction to the all-new Blackboard Collaborate, and explore five ways synchronous collaboration can deliver a more engaging classroom experience. The new Collaborate provides a browser-based web conferencing solution specifically for the classroom. Schools can now deliver real-time collaboration through a convenient and reliable digital learning platform.


3D printing technology is one of the newest tools to enhance project-based learning, providing students with unique opportunities to learn about, design, produce and test solutions to real-world challenges. Not all 3D printers are created equal, however. Watch to learn what sets the Mojo from Stratasys apart from other models on the market, and see real examples of how 3D printing can enrich the curriculum in a variety of subjects.


LearnSmart® is an adaptive learning technology that precisely determines what a student knows and is struggling with to deliver a prescriptive, personalized learning path. Every minute a student spends studying is as productive as possible, resulting in improved student performance and greater long-term success. Available for grades 6-12.


ALEKS from McGraw-Hill Education is an online learning and assessment program for grades 3-12 math. Using adaptive technology, ALEKS precisely identifies a student’s knowledge and delivers targeted instruction on the topics a student is ready to learn. The result is an engaging learning experience that targets gaps and improves success.


Built with today’s learner in mind, StudySync® is the premier core ELA curriculum for grades 6-12. StudySync offers award-winning media and technology that fosters a collaborative learning environment, while deeply engaging students and advancing critical ELA skills.


VizZle makes adapting curriculum to students' needs easy and cost-effective. Teachers can select from more than 14,000 peer-created and moderated lessons from our shared library, personalize them for your students, or create from scratch. Content is stored in Goal and Objective folders that can be accessed from desktops, laptops, or iPads and Android tablets, and data is always tracked automatically.