Solution Showcase

In Solution Showcase, District Administration spotlights innovative solutions from leading K12 vendors with 20-minute product videos.


Middlebury Interactive's new digital curriculum is designed to close the achievement gap for English Language Learners, while improving student outcomes. The supplemental curriculum focuses on academic English, literacy development and vocabulary building, as well as the development and refinement of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Learn how classroom audio creates valuable teaching time and improves student engagement in highly differentiated classrooms. See product benefits in short "movies" of classroom successes based on true stories: teachers achieving deeper student insights and results they never thought possible.


With Blackboard ParentLink, get and keep the attention of your interactive parents with 24/7, customized access to the information that matters most about their district, school, and student. Right on the devices they’re already using.


Unlike other assessments, Acuity CCR adaptive includes all-new items, written to the new college and career readiness standards. This breakthrough adaptive engine is the only K–12 academic adaptive solution to employ the ShadowCAT™ testing methodology, which guarantees to meet 100% of test requirements for every test taker—something no other adaptive algorithm can guarantee.