Solution Showcase

In Solution Showcase, District Administration spotlights innovative solutions from leading K12 vendors with 20-minute product videos.


The Standards-Based Gradebook from SunGard K-12 can help you see a comprehensive view of how students are doing, by standard, enabling informed decision-making and instructional reflection, and leverage the power of standards-based rubrics and performance levels to communicate performance more clearly.


Engage parents and your community with on-demand access to the information they want about students and school. Redefine the way your community engages with you by giving them anytime, anywhere access to personalized content through a sleek, modern mobile app unlike any other in K-12.


Find out why K-12 schools work with to provide a vast online library of instructional videos—everything from professional development and technology support to software and LMS training.


Follett Shelf Classroom Connections allows teachers to scaffold and differentiate instruction within an eBook. Add vocabulary help, background information, big ideas and questions to the existing text of an eBook to aid student comprehension and make the most of your schools' eBook collection.


Explore the Promethean KUNO Tablet to learn how this comprehensive solution will enable you to differentiate instruction and create a personalized learning experience for your students! The Promethean KUNO is a true mobile learning solution providing “anytime, anywhere” access for students.


Decades of research shows that true, enduring depth of knowledge requires repeated exposures to key ideas in different contexts over time.

This is how children learn. It’s at the heart of Everyday Mathematics and has been for over 30 years.