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Student Engagement Soars with Smartphones

Smartphones have moved quickly from banned to embraced in K12 schools.
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Google's Chromebooks Making Big School Push

Google announce that hundreds of schools in 41 states across the United States are using its Chromebooks in one or more classrooms.

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The 2011 Readers' Choice Top 100 Products

The winners reflect how educators seek a variety of technological tools in tough economic times.

Lifelong UNlearning

As the Web continues to challenge traditional education models, educators have a lot to relearn.

BYOD as the Catalyst to Transform Classroom

After billions of dollars spent, the impact on student achievement of computer use in K12 has been essentially zero.
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The Kindle Fire Will Enable the Next Generation of 1:1 Education Apps

The much-anticipated, Android-based Kindle Fire, however, is finally the tablet for 1:1 use in schools.

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How Much Computing Power Do You Need?

A Web-based computing environment means fewer hardware purchases and a tremendous cost savings.

College Readiness Is Their Goal

Shortly after Superintendent Robert Duron arrived in San Antonio (Texas) Independent School District in 2006, he began to raise the bar.

Establishing a Technological Culture

Debbie Rice, Director of Technology, Auburn (Ala.) City Schools

SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY REPORT: Pioneering States in One-to-One Implementations

Three states led the way in large-scale one-to-one programs.