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How schools are managing the move to mobile

1-to-1 and BYOD programs pose different challenges for district CIOs

A superintendent succeeds with 1-to-1

At East Noble School Corporation in Indiana, every kindergartner and first grader uses an iPod Touch, students in grades 2-4 learn on iPads, and students in grades 5-12 are given Lenovo laptops. Here, textbooks are a thing of the past.

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The Benefits of Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education

Enhance teaching and increase student engagement by bringing the power of the web to the classroom

Iowa schools are enhancing learning experience for 'digital natives'

Willowwind School is going mobile. The private Iowa City school is piloting a new program this year where every fifth- and sixth-grade student has an iPad. Families purchased the devices themselves and students use them at home and at school on a daily basis.

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iPads open doors in poor school districts

Widespread poverty is inspiring some school districts to create iPad initiatives as a way to give students hope. In California, Coachella Valley Unified, for instance, where 90 percent of students live in poverty, will issue iPads to all 19,000 students -- preschool through high school -- by November.

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Uniontown, Pa., schools OK $100K spend on computers

The Uniontown Area School Board in western Pennsylvania agreed to purchase refurbished computers, projectors, and necessary cabling equipment from the construction fund at an estimated cost of $100,000. School board member William Ritternhouse said it was necessary for the district to buy the equipment because the installation of the new computer system is going much slower than anticipated.

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10 essential tips for meeting the tech needs of low-income schools

Educators who work in low-income schools know that technology could help them understand student needs better and create more engaging learning experiences. But tight budgets make some of the more ambitious schemes, like 1-to-1 computer access, a distant dream. Yet it's precisely the schools with under-served populations that have the most to gain from technology.

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New Jersey high school hands out Samsung Chromebooks

After the installation of a $45,000 wireless infrastructure, Marist High School in New Jersey gave each student a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Now, by accessing the school's network through their laptop, students can take notes, read textbooks, and study for tests online.

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Raleigh County, W.Va. schools shift from textbooks to iPads

Raleigh County students are going high-tech this year, becoming the first public school system in West Virginia to rely on iPads instead of textbooks. The program is called iRaleigh.

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Long Island schools step up use of tablets

Some districts in Long Island, N.Y., are finally taking the technology plunge after dipping their toe in the water for several years. Mineola, which started with 100 iPads in 2010, is now providing one iPad for each of its 1,200 students in third through eighth grades, while Bethpage is distributing Google Chromebooks to middle schoolers.

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