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Longwood Central School District prepares students for global economy

New York district using Learning.com resources to teach and assess digital literacy

ST Math: Impressing the littlest and the biggest judges

MIND Research Institute’s ST Math program allows young California charter school to raise test scores and improve teaching

McGraw Hill Exec: iPad Mini May not be Best for Education

Amid the unveiled alongside the iPad Mini at an event on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook also brought up Apple’s leading role in education, highlighting the fact that the older full-size iPad had already been adopted by 2,500 classrooms around the U.S. in the two and a half years since it was first introduced.

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Chromebooks Help Raise Bar

Collaborative learning is made easier in an Illinois district.

There’s nothing virtual about student success through online math practice

New Jersey students count on IXL Learning to reinforce lessons and meet state standards

Digital skills and content enhance 1:1 implementation

Learning.com helps Oklahoma district provide 21st century education

Shaping a Digital Decade For M-DCPS

Debbie Karcher Chief Information Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Large S.C. district rolls out 1:1 computing initiative

Richland School District Two administrators choose Google Chromebooks for thousands of students

Want Increased Student Achievement Using iPads?

Don’t settle for just a few good apps.
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The "Age of Mobilism" in K12 Education

DA columnists Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris are experts in education technology, and have traveled the world researching how mobile technologies, particularly smartphones, can be used in K12 education.