21st-century learning

Teaching 2.0: Is Tech in the Classroom Worth the Cost?

On a particular morning at Westlake High School, students are greeted not by their teacher but by a history book author on Skype, who was invited to talk to them about America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This type of teaching is a novel approach, but expensive, leaving people to ask whether the billions being spent on educational technology is worth the cost.

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How Teachers Are Using Technology at Home and in Their Classrooms

A survey of teachers who instruct American middle and secondary school students finds that digital technologies have become central to their teaching and professionalization. At the same time, the internet, mobile phones, and social media have brought new challenges to teachers, and they report striking differences in access to the latest digital technologies between lower and higher income students and school districts.

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The High-Tech Return of High School Shop Class

In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama talked about redesigning schools for a high-tech future. But long gone are the days of shop class, or even "vocational training," said Stephen DeWitt, the senior director of public policy for the Association for Career and Technical Education. What's emerging in schools now is something tougher to pin down.

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Chicago Public Schools to Provide Full-Day Kindergarten At All Schools

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced a full day of kindergarten will be guaranteed for all students.

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Boston Welcomes Assistant Superintendent for Tech/Vocational Ed

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson announced the appointment of Roger Bourgeois as Assistant Superintendent for Technical/Vocational Network. Bourgeois, who currently serves as Superintendent of Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in Hathorne, will direct the district’s efforts to expand and enhance technical and vocational opportunities.

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Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say

There is a widespread belief among teachers that students’ constant use of digital technology is hampering their attention spans and ability to persevere in the face of challenging tasks, according to two surveys of teachers being released on Thursday.

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Louisiana Announces State Technology Challenge Winners

Thirteen Hahnville High School students placed third in the Louisiana High School Technology Challenge held on Feb. 6. The Challenge is a unique annual educational statewide team competition intended to renew a commitment to improvement in Louisiana through a concerted effort by high school students to demonstrate creative teamwork skills.

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Ohio District Struggles with Digital Learning Push

As the state prepares to move to computer-based standardized testing by 2015, the Lakota Local School District, Ohio’s seventh largest public school district, is about eight years behind when it comes to technology infrastructure, according to an independent consultant who recently evaluated the district’s technology.

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Technology Makes East Chicago Schools Rock Stars

In the East Chicago public schools, technology resources and applications from various partners are creating virtual learning experiences that help students from elementary to high school develop new skills, build on that knowledge, earn class credits and prepare for college and post-secondary careers.

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Math Software Evolves with Online, Visual-Driven Instruction

In the 21st-century classroom, K12 students are no longer practicing math equations at the chalkboard. Instead, math instruction has evolved into online and software-based programs that make learning interactive, challenging, and fun. The following math software programs do just that, as well as adapt to a student’s individual needs and skill level and provide much-needed information to teachers and parents.