21st-century learning

Building schools designed to succeed includes technology

More than three-quarters of U.S. schools are in need of repairs. The federal government is proposing to respond to that need by investing millions of dollars in school construction and modernization. But those dollars must be spent wisely. The schools of yesteryear, with their rows of desks and stair-stepped lecture halls, simply don't work for the students of today.

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Video game Minecraft is an obsession and an educational tool

The video game Minecraft is about building, exploration, creativity, and even collaboration. Around the world, Minecraft is being used to educate children on everything from science to city planning to speaking a new language. Should U.S. schools be paying closer attention?

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New Jersey high school hands out Samsung Chromebooks

After the installation of a $45,000 wireless infrastructure, Marist High School in New Jersey gave each student a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Now, by accessing the school's network through their laptop, students can take notes, read textbooks, and study for tests online.

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Change Agents: The Menlo App Academy wants kids to code

Matt Dillabough and Max Colbert, the two 14-year-olds behind the Menlo App Academy, have a mission to teach the USA to code. And that could fill a growing need for U.S. employers.

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York, Pa. School of Technology opens new tech lab

Sixteen racks of new computer routers and servers turned on for students at the York County School of Technology in Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon. The Cisco Network Academy lab is available at a growing number of Pennsylvania tech schools.

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How Digital Literacy is the Foundation of Academic Success

21 districts join Teaming for Transformation II

The Consortium for School Networking has announced that 21 K12 school districts will collaborate in "Teaming for Transformation: Leading Digital Conversion for Student Learning II." Participating districts will work until CoSN’s 19th Annual Conference in March to improve student-centered learning in classrooms nationwide.

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Isle of Wight students face new tech restrictions this year

This year, students at Isle of Wight schools in Virginia are finding that their access to games, social media, and instant messaging is more restricted, while teachers are getting more training on how to use digital technology in class.

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The uncomfortable truth about personalized learning

There doesn’t need to be a fight between teaching and technology in the classroom. The right combination of the two can deliver personalized learning to improve kids’ understanding and enable success.

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Is technology the ‘Superman’ that the ed sector has been waiting for?

The 2010 movie Waiting for Superman highlighted a growing problem in our education system: that students are finding it more challenging to get a quality education based on the current paradigm. While the film raised controversial issues, a thought came to me: Is technology the education sector's Superman?

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