21st-century learning

Geography for a Flat World

Schools are only beginning to prepare students for a changing landscape.
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Backer of Common Core School Curriculum Is Chosen to Lead College Board

David Coleman, an architect of the common core curriculum standards that are being adopted in nearly all 50 states, will become the president of the College Board, starting in October.

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Captivate Student Curiosity With STEM Apps

The Rise of Digital Content

The Ideal Classroom Device

Apps Drive Hardware

One Tablet Per Child?

Apps and digital content are on the rise, and the multitouch interface may prove to be a game-changer for K12 schools.
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A 13-Year-Old Enlists M.B.A. Students to Build Her Start-Up

To silence her stubborn hiccups during the summer of 2010, Mallory Kievman tried swallowing saltwater, making herself gag, eating a spoonful of sugar, sipping pickle juice and drinking a glass of water upside-down.

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Kan. Commissioner of Education Visits Pittsburg to View Technology Facilities

Kansas Commissioner of Education Diane DeBacker visited Pittsburg Friday to get a look at facilities that are the leading edge of technology education in the state.

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Empowering Students With Digital Reading

New products are designed to improve aptitude, fulfill Common Core State Standards, provide unlimited access to online libraries and bring 21st-century learning into the classroom.