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April “Financial Education Month” in Pennsylvania

With the hope of encouraging Pennsylvanians to better understand their personal finances, Governor Tom Corbett has declared April to be “Financial Education Month” in the state.


Innovation in Virginia's K12 Education

One of the most important components of economic development is making sure that we have a well-educated, qualified workforce to fill the new jobs coming to and being created in Virginia.

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Discovery Education Expands Digital Textbooks Series

Digital textbooks have gone mainstream thanks to interactive content that stimulates student curiosity and engages students in critical thinking. Next school year, Discovery Education is releasing digital textbooks for middle school social studies and high school science.

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With Budget Challenge, Districts Search for Cost-Effective Technology

Luidia Inc. conducted a survey of educators across the nation to learn about technology adoption goals and find out what is keeping schools from reaching their full potential with technology.

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What Can You Do to Set Yourself Apart as a CIO?

Classroom walkthroughs are one thing that make a difference in Mooresville N.C. Graded School District, a district that the U.S. Department of Education uses as a prime example of districts doing it right.

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Which Social Learning Network is Ideal for My District?

While Facebook and Google+ are popular social networks for everyday life, dozens of other networks have been created to provide safe and effective social learning environments for K12 education. Social learning networks (SLNs) allow students to learn 21st-century skills, help students build online portfolios or resumes and collaborate with peers through project-based learning.

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David Brooks: Emphasis on Education and Relationships

Usually when you visit a school you walk down a quiet hallway and peer in the little windows in the classroom doors. You see one teacher talking to a bunch of students. Every 50 minutes or so a chime goes off and the students fill the hallway and march off to their next class, which is probably unrelated to the one they just left.

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Condoleezza Rice on Education: American Dream on Verge of Collapse

America's national security and the upward mobility the country was built upon could collapse if the education system isn't rapidly improved, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned Tuesday.

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Creating a Robust and Safe BYOD Program

Plan to upgrade your district’s infrastructure for increased capacity and security.

Social Learning Networks for K12 Education

Dozens of social learning networks have been created specifically for education to emphasize 21st century skills, project-based learning and collaboration.