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Apple Reinvigorates a Focus on E-learning

Jill Duffy of PCMag.com may have said it best: "Apple brings a spotlight with it everywhere it goes, and people pay attention to anything caught in its glow."

Rumors of the new and improved iBooks application began swirling weeks before Apple's anticipated announcement on Jan. 19, but perhaps no one was expecting the tidal wave of media coverage that proclaimed the company's venture into the textbook industry to be the Holy Grail of K12 learning. After all, iPads are hardly new, nor are their netbook predecessors or online learning material, for that matter.

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in Some Schools Parents And-PTAs To Buy Technology

Asking families to buy their own educational technology runs counter to the normal way of doing things in public education.

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Mobile Learning Programs Move Forward

In June 2010, we reported on a few mobile pioneering districts. We checked back with them to see where they are today.

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The Game Changer

Dwight Jones faces tough odds in his new role leading Clark County School District in Nevada.

No Excuses for Low Expectations

Amarillo (Texas) Independent School District
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Opinion: Is the Secret to Finnish Schools Finns or Is There Something for America to Learn?

When shown successful school reform models elsewhere in the world, politicians and educators alike often scoff that there are no lessons for America.

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Looking Beyond the Border

Some forward thinking programs are in place to better educate U.S. students using the best practices of countries who students routinely outperform us.
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U.S. Drafts Abdul-Jabbar for New Post

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s life has been a case study in the art of the possible, from his humble Harlem roots to N.B.A. fame and through his life after basketball as a historian and scholar. His next endeavor will draw on all of it.

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Science Education Spending in the U.S. Flattens

Educating people in science and engineering leads to growth in research and technology that, in turn, leads to jobs in manufacturing the devices that those people invent.

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