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Will the Flipped Class Method Work in Your District?

The flipped classroom method combines online and traditional face-to-face methods.

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How Can We Assess the Effectiveness of Educational Technology?

As part of District Administration's Distinguished Lecture Series for K12 technology executives, we spoke with Scott McLeod, founding director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE).

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Conn. Teacher Brings Travel Lessons to Classroom

When Connecticut teacher Larry Shortell talks with his students about cultures and traditions in other countries, he can do more than check a textbook for background. He can consult his own memories gathered in trips to all 50 states, more than 80 nations and every continent.

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Are You an Old School or a Bold School?

The time is now for some serious reinvention for schools.

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Flipped Class Method Gaining Ground

Clintondale (Mich.) Community Schools’ high school has turned the traditional school day upside-down.
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Can YouTube for Schools Usher Education Into the 21st Century

Google has launched a YouTube for Schools service to make educationally relevant videos available for use in school. It's a great idea, but for it to actually be used in schools, many districts around the country will have to modify their filters to allow teachers to access at least this portion of YouTube.

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Do You Want to Create Lasting Innovation?

Leverage the power of consistency.
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YouTube for Schools Is Education Hub for the Digital Age

YouTube is launching a brand new tool to help teachers and students get their learn on. “YouTube for Schools” is a portal that helps curate education materials and videos on subjects such as history and math while filtering out potentially offensive or distracting content.

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