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Ill. Teachers Lack Bilingual Training

Few Illinois teachers are trained to educate English-language learners and only a small number are interested in obtaining the credentials to work with these children, a study has found.

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Two Wisc. High Schools Recognized for Quality Education

Two Milwaukee, Wis. schools, Atonement Lutheran School and Carmen High School of Science and Technology, which are making gains with a largely low-income or minority student population, have been recognized for offering a high-quality education.

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Shot in Pa.: "Won't Back Down" Film Posits Radical School Solution

One of the nation's biggest challenges in education is how to improve persistently low-achieving schools. The movie Won't Back Down - filmed in Pittsburgh and released Friday - gives one answer: Let parents and teachers take over the school if it is failing to educate students.

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Washington Urges Schools to Get Rid of Native American Mascots

The Washington State Board of Education wants schools to get rid of Native American mascots.

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High School Grads Lack Skills for College, Reports Say

More than half of 2012 high school graduates who took a college entrance exam did not have all of the skills they will need to succeed in college, or a career, a pair of recent reports conclude.

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Scores Sag at Philadelphia Public Schools in Cheating Probe

Scores in reading and mathematics dropped in virtually all of the Philadelphia public schools and three charter schools under investigation for possible cheating, a newspaper reported. The Philadelphia Inquirer says its analysis indicates that all but two of the 53 city district schools and all three charters under investigation showed declines in reading and math. Seventeen district schools and two of the charters had passing rates at least 30 points lower than last year, the paper said.

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Three Canadian Schools Adopt "Learn to Read" Remediation

Students who struggled with their reading during the last school year are finding that nothing has changed: They still cannot properly read. These children are not alone. The International Dyslexia Association reports that a researched minimum of 5% of school children fail to learn to read in spite of adequate instruction, motivation, and intelligence. A shocking 95% of these children reach junior high undiagnosed and unremediated.

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Segregation Prominent in Schools, Study Finds

Whites are still largely concentrated in schools with other whites, leaving the largest minority groups — black and Latino students — isolated in classrooms, according to a new analysis of Department of Education data.

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A Culture Shift Transforms Achievement in West Virginia

Op ed: Education Challenge for Next 50 Years Is Achievement Gap

The biggest challenge facing education in the next 50 years is the achievement gap for minority and low-income children, writes guest columnist Tre' Maxie.

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