achievement gap

A Culture Shift Transforms Achievement in West Virginia

Op ed: Education Challenge for Next 50 Years Is Achievement Gap

The biggest challenge facing education in the next 50 years is the achievement gap for minority and low-income children, writes guest columnist Tre' Maxie.

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Testing Isn’t the Problem

A robust curriculum and high-quality teaching is the answer.

Telling Teachers They Are Irreplaceable

Parent Trigger Law Taking Effect

Rick and Becky DuFour

Professional Learning Communities at Work

Turning Around Kentucky

This turnaround expert has used formative assessment (and common sense) to raise achievement in three districts in six years.
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Opinion: A School Too Far: Is School Choice Unraveling Education Reform In New York City?

It would appear that when students don't attend school, they don't get educated in ways that are productive for them in particular, and society at large.

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California Makes a Plea for the Arts

Calif. constituents join together to form Create CA, an initiative to make arts education a priority.
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Jobs Vary by State, Showing Why Education Matters

Education is a good predictor of which areas continue to have high unemployment rates.

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