This suite of online teaching software tools is designed to help educators teach more effectively and to give students the academic support they need to succeed. eDoctrina comes pre-loaded with several modules that, for example, build paper-based and online assessments. Students can also take online assessments or download assignments they have missed while absent.

The Future of Personalized Learning

Intelligent adaptive technology addresses the need for more personalized instruction in the classroom


This online system helps middle and high school students prepare for the Common Core standards and high-stakes tests. Teachers and administrators can then create tests with randomly-generated questions that mimic an actual state-administered test. The USATestprep program also includes test revision materials, and its reporting feature helps teachers identify student weaknesses.

Performance Matters

This assessment and data management system provides teachers with online and paper tests to measure students’ progress. It includes 100 reports and dashboards that can be used to customize learning for students, whether they’re excelling or struggling. Performance Matters can also track state test results, attendance, and discipline.


This online data management solution is designed to help educators improve student performance. DataDirector helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, as well as professional development activities.


As a multi-purpose curriculum mapping and assessment software, eDoctrina helps educators strengthen their schools’ focus on state standards. Educators can create standards-based lesson plans, build assessments, and scan assessment results to pinpoint students who are falling behind.


TRACbook is a web-based data management tool that lets administrators search and analyze previously fragmented student data sets. Reports can be arranged by student, class, teacher, and school. It also can be used to create watch lists of students who are struggling and track intervention programs.

Case Assessments

Teachers preparing for state testing can give benchmark assessments and get students’ scores back within 48 hours. Teachers can then identify what skills need to be reinforced. CASE Assessments provides premade and custom assessments that can be given at six- or nine-week intervals.


This gradebook and LMS helps teachers manage their classes online and connect with students 24/7. Engrade has an assignment calendar, online messaging, quizzes, and flashcards. Administrators and teachers also have access to real-time student assessment reports that can be shared with parents.

Meeting the Demand for Broadband