United Township Is First Ill. District to Use Performance Matters Assessment and Data Management System

Grappling with decreased local and state revenue and new, more rigorous learning standards for math and English language arts, Illinois school districts are seeking innovative ways to increase their efficiency as they strive to improve student performance. One system that is making it easier to meet rigorous requirements while saving time for school and district staff is Performance Matters, a web-based solution that provides an integrated platform for student assessment, data management and teacher effectiveness.

Highest Graduation Rates in America Announced

Preliminary data released by the U.S. Department of Education this week shows that Texas — along with five other states — ranks fourth in the nation for its four-year high school graduation rates. With an overall rate of 86 percent in the 2010-11 school year, the state follows Iowa, with 88 percent, and Wisconsin and Vermont, both at 87 percent.

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Report Cards For New York City Public High Schools Show Mixed Results

While almost half of city students enroll in college, Shael Polakow-Suransky, the city's Chief Academic Officer, thinks schools can do more.

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Kansas Board of Ed to Revisit Decline in Science Education

The Kansas State Board of Education is expected to take another look next month at a research report showing many elementary teachers have cut back or eliminated the time they spend teaching science, even though they still post science grades on student report cards.

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Texas School Chief Wants Minority Progress Charted

Texas' new education commissioner Michael Williams said Thursday that he is considering a new system for rating school success and he thinks it should take into account how well districts are closing the achievement gap between Anglo and minority students.

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Early Education Is the Best Crime Deterrent

According to a recently released report that links exposure to high-quality preschool programs to reduced crime, at-risk children and those from low-income backgrounds without access to quality early learning are more likely to be involved in violent crime, arrested, or incarcerated down the road.

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Wisconsin’s New School Accountability System

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed a new School Report Card for each public school which uses multiple measures of student learning.

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Oklahoma Board of Ed Releases School Grades

More than 90 percent of schools across the state of Oklahoma received a grade of C or higher, with nearly 50 percent receiving a B.

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Miami-Dade County Schools Wins 2012 Broad Prize

CIO Deb Karcher discusses how the district is using a new technology called geovisual analytics to enhance enrollment management and inform the most crucial district decisions.

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Special Help Gets Ohio District High Rating

It’s not unusual for 200 students to leave Whitehall during the school year — and have another 200 to enroll at the same time.

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