Denver is Fastest Growing Large Urban School District in the U.S.

Enrollment in Denver Public Schools has grown 14 percent over the past five years, making it the fastest-growing large urban district in the country, the district reports.

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Florida Reverts to 'Separate but Equal' Education

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Florida Department of Education has decided to assess public school student achievement based on an individual student’s race and/or ethnicity.

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Scores Sag at Philadelphia Public Schools in Cheating Probe

Scores in reading and mathematics dropped in virtually all of the Philadelphia public schools and three charter schools under investigation for possible cheating, a newspaper reported. The Philadelphia Inquirer says its analysis indicates that all but two of the 53 city district schools and all three charters under investigation showed declines in reading and math. Seventeen district schools and two of the charters had passing rates at least 30 points lower than last year, the paper said.

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Four Mass. Schools Hailed for Comprehensive Assessment Gains

Littleton Middle School, Day Elementary School in Westford, Lowell Community Charter School, and Shawsheen Valley Technical High School in Billerica were all recognized as commendation schools due to their impressive Massachusetts Assessment scores.

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Trial Resumes Over Suburban Shelby County (Tenn.) Schools

The trial has resumed in Memphis where a federal judge is hearing arguments on whether a state law that allows the six small cities in Shelby County to start their own schools is constitutional. Proceedings got back under way Thursday after a two-week recess.

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NJ Schools Prepare to Implement New Teacher Evaluations

New Jersey’s plans for having a statewide teacher evaluation system in place by 2013-2014 goes full throttle this year, with every school district in the state being required to start putting the key pieces in place.

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Debate on What Makes Teachers Good Is Cause of Chicago School Walkout

The first Chicago teacher strike in 25 years has both sides saying the fight is about assuring that classrooms are led by good educators. They just disagree sharply over how that should be done.

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"Won't Back Down" Highlights Democratic Split Over Education Reform

The most controversial thing to happen at the Democratic National Convention this week may end up being a movie screening. On Monday afternoon, a Hollywood film called "Won't Back Down" -- which opens in theaters nationwide on Sept. 28 -- will be shown to a select crowd of convention-goers in Charlotte, N.C., just as it was one week prior at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

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Testing Isn’t the Problem

A robust curriculum and high-quality teaching is the answer.

Resistance to High Stakes Testing Spreads

A national resolution to limit standardized testing is gathering support.