Education Reform: Starting at the Beginning

The No Child Left Behind Act increased student and teacher accountability, tests and led to the development of the Common Core Standards. All of these are noble changes, well-intentioned changes and no one is arguing that change was needed, but the implementation of the changes in all grade levels meant that the students in grade 1-12 were held to standards for which they were not prepared.

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Memo Warns of Rampant Cheating in D.C.

The memo notes that nearly all of the teachers at one Washington elementary school had students whose test papers showed high numbers of wrong-to-right erasures and asks, "Could a separate person have been responsible?"

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N.J. School Chiefs Take Issue with Peer Group Rankings Report

The N.J. Dept. of Education shook the education world Wednesday when it released a new multi-page "School Performance Reports," that provides an analysis of the state’s schools in detail never before seen, including the percentage of middle school kids chronically absent; the percentage that took algebra in middle school; and more.

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Pilot Testing Common Core Assessments

Atlanta Cheating Suspects to Surrender

A lawyer for two Atlanta teachers accused in one of the nation's largest test-cheating scandals says they are about to turn themselves in.

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Fla. Gov. Scott Presents District With $2.4M In Bonuses

Gov. Rick Scott presented an oversized check for more than $2.4 million to Collier County School District leaders Monday morning in recognition of the district’s performance on the state’s accountability system.

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Sioux Falls (S.D) Schools Invest In Tech Help

Spurred on by South Dakota’s pending move to online tests, the Sioux Falls School District plans to spend $7.3 million during the next two years buying Google Chromebooks or Apple iPads for every student, from kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Why America Demonizes Its Teachers

Evaluating teachers on their students’ performance has elicited much public comment of late. In essence, this view assumes that if students aren’t learning, the fault lies squarely with their teachers.

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Md. Considers Later Start for High Schools

It is 6:45 a.m. and Severna Park High School freshman Chelsea Rogers has a decision to make: skip the most important meal of the day or skip the school bus.

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Baltimore Schools to Monitor Administration of High School Assessments

The Baltimore school system will begin monitoring the administration of the High School Assessments this year, expanding on a measure that began in 2011 after a series of cheating scandals in the district's elementary and middle schools.

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