Schools Get Letter Grades from Arizona Dept. of Ed.

Your kid's school now has a letter grade. The Arizona Department of Education has released the new school accountability report that rates school performance much like a report, with A being the best and F the worst.

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Teach to the Test?

Most of the problems with testing have one surprising source: cheating by school administrators and teachers.

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Colorado Schools Inch Toward Improvement

Dozens of Colorado schools that most needed improvement are making progress, although gains have slowed significantly, the Colorado Department of Education announced Tuesday.

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New Orleans Schools Continue Climb, Even as Letter Grades Point Out Work to be Done

School performance scores in New Orleans continued their steady climb this year, even as Louisiana's new letter grade system kicked in for the first time and slapped a majority of the city's schools with a D or worse, underscoring how far New Orleans will still need to go before it achieves a top-rated public education system. 

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Eastern Iowa Educators Weigh In on Ed Reform Blueprint

The proposed salary system and high-stakes test for third grade students were the key topics discussed at Tuesday’s Iowa Education Reform Workshop at Grant Wood AEA.

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College Readiness Is Their Goal

Shortly after Superintendent Robert Duron arrived in San Antonio (Texas) Independent School District in 2006, he began to raise the bar.

A school makes the grade, one student at a time

The ePath program from Peoples Education lets at-risk students prepare for assessments at their own pace

Gearing Up for the New Assessment

The next generation of standardized testing will focus on critical thinking skills.

The Next Generation of Science Standards

As the nation prepares for common core standards in math and English language arts, a framework to guide new science standards is getting closer.

Film Exposes Rights Denied to Children

Documentary film, A Right Denied: The Critical Need for Genuine School Reform, examines the need for children of all economic backgrounds in the United States have the same education.