NeuLion helps deliver digital college, high school sports networks

NeuLion, a New York-based digital sports services company, has teamed up with MSG Varsity, Cablevision’s prep school network in the New York tri-state area, on a new multiplatform subscription service.

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How physical fitness may promote school success

Children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape, a new study finds, raising timely questions about the wisdom of slashing physical education programs at schools.

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The case against high-school sports

The United States routinely spends more tax dollars per high-school athlete than per high-school math student—unlike most countries worldwide. And we wonder why we lag in international education rankings?

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New technology helps identify football concussions

Sensors in helmets and other technology can measure impact of hits

New technology helps identify football concussions

New helmet sensors are helping high school football coaches identify students at risk for concussion by recording the severity each time a player is hit in the head during a game.

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A school driven by phys ed

Instead of cutting back on phys ed classes, Urban Dove Team Charter School in New York is using sports as a hook to draw in at-risk students.

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High school athletes get more medical attention at St. Louis sports clinics

High school athletes in St. Louis are getting a lot of attention this fall with two walk-in clinics specializing in sports injuries and the addition of in-house athletic trainers at two schools.

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New football playoff system set to kick off in Massachusetts

For the 291 football-playing MIAA schools, this is definitely a new year. An October 2012 vote created a state-wide playoff system, and after months of fine-tuning, it’s ready to roll. The format will increase the number of playoff participants and reduce the number of Super Bowls.

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Pinellas County (Fla.) schools say cheerleading uniforms are dress code violations

Several Pinellas County schools are restricting or banning their own cheerleading uniforms during classroom hours amid a broader crackdown on the student dress code.

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How schools are preventing athletic emergencies

New guidelines target cardiac arrest, heat stroke, and concussions on playing fields