Stopping Rape Culture Starts at Schools

More reports of rape and bullying, including at Torrington High School in Connecticut and Southern Columbia Area High School in Pennsylvania, show that the rape culture starts at a young age.

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Supporters Keep Fighting for More Athlete Insurance in Ill.

The day after a state Senate panel approved legislation that would require public and private schools to carry catastrophic accident insurance to cover student athletes, supporters again urged the Northwest Suburban High School District 214 school board to make the decision on its own.

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Football Returns To Tacoma Middle Schools After 26-Year Absence

When the school district switched from seventh-through-ninth grade junior highs to sixth-through-eighth grade middle schools in 1987, all sports for middle schools were eliminated. That changed last September when new funding generated by the sale of advertising on district sports scoreboards and rebates from some vendors made an enhanced sports program possible.

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Pay to Play

More districts forced to ask parents to foot the bill for sports.

Athletics for All

Providing opportunities for students of all abilities.

First-of-its-Kind Action Plan for Student Athletes