Washington district considers adding dozens of shorter school days

Kent school district is the latest Western Washington district that is considering replacing dozens of full school days with partial days. At a meeting this week, administrators and teachers voiced strong support for the move.

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Mass. Stay in School Initiative Promotes Daily Attendance

A new community initiative launched by the Springfield Public Schools encourages students to go to school everyday and earn a high school diploma.

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Ohio Auditor Identifies Four More Schools that 'Scrubbed' Attendance Records

Republican state Auditor Dave Yost called on lawmakers and education officials to change the way they determine school attendance for state funding and increase oversight of districts after nine were caught manipulating enrollment numbers.

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Oregon's Year-Over-Year High School Graduation Rate Flat at 68 Percent

The on-time graduation rate for Oregon high school students in the class of 2012 is up, but barely. The Oregonian reported that state figures showed the rate rose by less than a percentage point and remains at 68 percent. Gov. John Kitzhaber and his chief education officer, Rudy Crew, call 68 percent unacceptably low.

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At Strike’s Root, Runaway Costs in Busing Pupils

The day before the start of New York City's first school bus strike in 34 years, a long yellow bus pulled up at Public School 282 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and the little bodies that popped out could be counted on one hand: Three.

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Iowa Reports Rise in Public School Enrollment

The number of students enrolled in Iowa public schools jumped significantly this school year, state Department of Education data released Thursday shows. The department said an overall rise of 0.6 percent for the 2012-13 school year was the first significant increase since 1996, although overall enrollment has dropped over the last five years.

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An IEP for Every Student? Using Technology to Provide Truly Differentiated Instruction

Paving an individual path to success: Creating IEPs for every student with the help of technology

Declining Enrollment Causing Problems for Va. Schools

Empty desks worry school division officials.

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High School Dropouts Worsened by Lack of Support

Absence of parental or educational support and becoming a parent are the two top reasons cited by respondents for dropping out of high school, according to the 2012 High School Dropouts in America survey of 513 adults aged 19 to 35.

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Fighting Truancy in Chicago Schools: A Score Card on Strategies

Chicago school officials have tried but largely abandoned various strategies for combating truancy in grades K-8 during the past two decades, while collecting little if any data on whether the programs were effective or why some failed. A few programs remain in place but operate on a limited scale or are riddled with problems, the Tribune found.

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