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Six big tech trends in education to follow

Big data, open content, mobile learning, and digital printing are just some of the big themes represented in this year’s "NMC Horizon Report: 2013 K12 Edition." The report is a collaboration between the New Media Consortium, the Consortium for School Networking, and the International Society for Technology in Education.

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Michigan's Lenawee ISD opens high-tech education showplace

The Lenawee Intermediate School District (Adrian, Mich.) opened the Center for a Sustainable Future, a $4 million, 9,000-square-foot building. The school and its surrounding 75 acres of fields and forests will serve as a living laboratory for the future of agriculture.

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Literacy, resilience help Madison (Wis.) school fight poverty

How does an elementary school adjust to a steep and rapid rise in the number of poor children coming through its doors? With programs to build language and technological literacy, resilient character, and ties to the community, says Brett Wilfrid, principal of Sandburg Elementary School, on Madison’s far east side.

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Teacher collaboration, communities improve students' math scores

Many elementary students' math performance improves when their teachers collaborate, work in professional learning communities or do both, yet most students don't spend all of their elementary school years in these settings, a new study by UNC Charlotte researchers shows.

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Ed tech, privatization and plunder

As much as I love the revolutionary potential of technology in education, I understand why some of those who care about public education and public universities worry about privatization and plunder.

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Closing the Gap: Using Student Data to Improve Teaching

In collaboration with AASA, The School Superintendents Association and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Gartner, Inc., has released a series of district case studies and videos that demonstrate best practices for school districts seeking to improve student achievement through data use.

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Education Tech Success Stories Shared

A report from the Brookings Institution argues that policymakers must recognize the potential for technology to stretch dollars and improve outcomes. "Education Technology Success Stories" includes examples of emerging technologies for education, from robots that give language lessons to stealth assessments that replace traditional testing with game-based observations of competency.

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Florida Technology Manager Named President of Statewide Group

Matt Frey, an education manager in Brevard Public Schools, was recently inducted as the president of the Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leaders. The council promotes cooperation and communication among district and state leaders who impact technology use in Florida.

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Connecticut Superintendents Come Together to Improve Security Measures, Develop New Resources

Virtual School Principal Logs In

From his desk at the Massachusetts Virtual Academy office on Davis Street, Carl Tillona looked out across the large room at four teachers, each of whom wore headphones and spread out at tables with laptops, communicating lesson plans virtually with students and parents.

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