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Not Your Mother's Student Information System

Districts demand integrated solutions, in addition to parent portals and mobile access—all while saving costs.
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What Can You Do to Set Yourself Apart as a CIO?

Classroom walkthroughs are one thing that make a difference in Mooresville N.C. Graded School District, a district that the U.S. Department of Education uses as a prime example of districts doing it right.

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Building an Ed Tech Dream Team

If you could put together a staff to make the most of educational technology in your district, what would it look like?
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Insights & Trends From Ed Tech Conference

DA editors attend many national and state conferences around the country to learn the latest about education and ed technology. In early February I spent time at the Texas Computer Education Association Annual Convention and Exposition learning about the latest trends in ed tech.

Looking Beyond the Border

Some forward thinking programs are in place to better educate U.S. students using the best practices of countries who students routinely outperform us.

Online Identity Management

Identity and Access Management is introducing significant instructional and security efficiencies in K12 districts.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Administrators are using different approaches for hiring teachers.

Do You Want to Create Lasting Innovation?

Leverage the power of consistency.
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Tennessee DOE: Teacher Training Holds the Key

Earlier this month, the Tennessee Department of Education released our state’s 2011 results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Tennessee students scored about the same as two years ago.

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Changes in Kansas Education, Part One

Education in Kansas has seen a variety of changes, formats, and emphasis since the days when the 3 Rs were enough for success in life.  Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic alone cannot prepare our children for success in times of mobile and transient populations, constant change, and global competition.

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