Edublogs student blogging challenge offers great activities for kids

This semester Edublogs is once again hosting a student blogging challenge. It offers a series of blogging tasks designed to help students (and teachers) improve their blogging skills. Completing the tasks of the challenge will help students not only learn how to write better blog posts, but also how to be better online communicators in general.

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Education World Honors Top 25 Blogs for Educators

To recognize standouts among educator-bloggers, the team at has selected its 25 best for 2012.

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Five Ways to Turn PD Into "Personal Transformation"

How can we shift our view of learning in a more meaningful way?

The Social Media Dilemma

While some districts are making the most of popular social networks, others are not choosing the "Like" button.

Professional Development 2.0

Social networking has become a quick and efficient way for K12 administrators to gain professional development.

The New Writing Pedagogy

Using social networking tools to keep up with student interests.

Taking Control of Your District’s News

Create the kind of news that gets out to the public.

Leadership Goes Public

It’s time for school administrators to publicly model their own learning.

Collaborative Technologies

These “new” tools to encourage collaboration are simply updated versions of classic classroom activities.

Speaking Their Language

A variety of new technologies are available to teach language more effectively.