Opening budget to parent input a work in progress at Modesto area schools

The extra funding heading to San Joaquin Valley schools with the state’s new funding formula comes with a catch – parents get a say in how that money will be spent.

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Connecticut board investigates Winchester ed funding

The Winchester Board of Education superintendent told state education officials that the district’s financial situation has become so bad that schools might have to close in December if things don’t turn around.

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Teachers union blasts proposed guidelines for school closures

The Chicago Teachers Union blasted proposed guidelines for closing schools that now include shuttering buildings in poor condition, accusing Chicago Public Schools of looking for loopholes in its commitment not to close schools for five years.

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Washington district seeks $29M building, tech levy

Voters in the Stanwood-Camano School District, on the coast of Skagit Bay, are being asked on the Nov. 5 ballot to approve a replacement tax levy of nearly $29 million.The levy, portioned out over five years, would support repairs to school buildings and upgrade computer technology throughout the Washington district.

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Seven states have slashed education spending by more than 15 percent

While the majority of state school systems have cut spending between fiscal year 2008 and fiscal year 2014, the cuts have been much more severe in some places than in others. According to the latest school spending data compiled by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, seven states have cut per-pupil spending by more than 15% in that time frame.

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Education is not a for-profit business, so don't treat it like one

Government should be run like a business. That mantra spills from the mouths of Republicans and Democrats a lot these days. And it's often used about education, as a way to justify spending cuts. If bloated school districts would just manage their money better, they wouldn't even feel the effects of budget cuts, so the thinking goes.

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U.S. states still holding back on school spending

Public schools around the United States are still waiting to feel the recovery from an economic recession that officially ended four years ago, mostly because states have kept education spending low and property taxes remain depressed, according to a report released on Thursday.

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Chicago Public Schools approves budget cuts while 200 people protest

About 200 people—including 20 to 30 students—rallied outside Chicago Public Schools on Wednesday, as the Board of Education approved the district’s annual budget, which includes hundreds of millions in cuts. Community activists who organized the protest rally and boycott said it would serve as a real-life lesson for students involved.

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New school technology is a challenge we must address

The issue of where public school systems should be going with education technology is a hot topic these days. While the outcome for school systems is hard to predict, there are real-world lessons for school officials and public education funding bodies.

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