Donors Can Help Reboot School Technology

Computer repair business owner Christopher Baran was taken aback when attending a charity event at the Christian K-12 Shorewood school, Christ's Academy, recently.

Its computers were pretty out of date, he could see, and there weren't enough for the number of students.

"They showed me what they were working with," Baran said, "and it was nowhere near what they should have, and not everything worked. A lot of their computers were several generations outdated."

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Access new insight for boundary and enrollment planning with geovisual analytics

Interactive, web-based district planning. A case study with Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Menifee (Calif.) Union S.D. Opts to Appoint Replacement Trustee

Superintendent Linda Callaway said a replacement for Scott Mann – who resigned earlier this month before he was sworn in as Menifee's first elected mayor – could be named as soon as Jan. 7, when the board will interview applicants. Trustees are paid $265 per month, with health benefits available.

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Durham Superintendent Says New Testing Will Increase Costs

Durham's superintendent of schools says new exam requirements will cost the school system more than $100,000 a year. Durham Public School Superintendent Eric Becoats spoke Thursday about new exams required by the state. As part of North Carolina's Race to the Top plan, common exams will now be given in any subjects that are not already covered in a state-mandated exam. In the past, teachers whose classes were not part of a state test would administer their own exam. But now, the exams will look the same across the board, even for classes like physical education.

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Barre School Technology Plan Would be Expensive

The price of pursuing a five-year plan that would eventually put a personal computing device in the hands of every student at Barre City Elementary and Middle School accounts for nearly $300,000 of a budget increase that — at least for the moment — is still sitting at roughly $1.4 million.

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Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools

Facing deep financial problems, the Philadelphia School District has proposed an unprecedented downsizing that would close 37 campuses by June — roughly one out of six public schools.

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Philadelphia Super. Hite to Close 37 School Buildings

Philadelphia's Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. announced the proposed closures of 37 school buildings, plus multiple other changes to the cash-poor Philadelphia School District. He is proposing the buildings listed for closure, around 20 elementary schools, a handful of middle schools, and about 10 high schools, shut their doors in June, according to sources and documents obtained by The Inquirer. The schools are in nearly every part of the city and include well-known ones with long histories.

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Maine Town Seeks Taxes from Private School

Maine's highest court will hear arguments this week on whether a private boarding school in central Maine should pay property taxes on facilities it rents to outside groups. The town of Hebron is appealing a Superior Court judgment that Hebron Academy is a "literary and scientific" institution and that most of its real estate is exempt from local property taxes.

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Ark. Lawmakers Face Crowded Education Agenda

Court rulings on student transfers and school funding will collide with the desire of charter school and voucher advocates to take advantage of a new Republican majority when Arkansas legislators tackle education issues next year.

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Tacoma (Wash.) School Officials Push to Save SPARX

Officials say Tacoma (Wash.) middle school kids will be the big losers if money to save the after-school SPARX program can't be found. "It has a positive impact on our student body," said Jon Kellett, principal of Jason Lee Middle School. "Any after-school programming can help kids find their niche." Krestin Bahr, director of middle schools for Tacoma Public Schools, added: "It's been an effective model. It's a time for kids to explore who they are."

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