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Unions Say State Schools Would Benefit From Jobs Bill

A week after the Senate knocked down President Barack Obama's $447 billion jobs bill, leaders from the West Virginia Federation of Teachers and the West Virginia AFL-CIO touted the education benefits of the president's plan Monday, saying it would repair run-down schools, hire more educators and funnel resources to West Virginia's neediest children.

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Most Wisconsin School Districts Get Less State Aid

All but 13 of Wisconsin’s 424 public school districts are getting less state aid than a year ago. The Department of Public Education released the final numbers Friday, which show schools will see an average drop in state aid of about 10-percent.

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Survey Finds Most Parents Support Longer Chicago School Day

A parent-advocacy group whose members have criticized Chicago Public Schools’ efforts to offer financial incentives for a lengthened school day found that most respondents to its online survey support a longer day.

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The 11th Annual Salary Survey: They Work Hard for the Money

While CEOs in the private sector are raking in millions, school superintendents in 2011 are having to defend their earnings.

Small Town Superintendent Rouses Supporters at SOS March

Why John Kuhn, superintendent of Perrin-Whitt (Texas) School District stood up for teachers.

Courts Hear Colorado Constitution Case

A Denver District Judge heard arguments in Lobato v. state of Colorado, the first-ever "adequacy case" in Colorado’s history.

Pay-to-Play Programs

Are they an acceptable solution to our budget woes?

Interdistrict Cooperatives

They improve cost-effectiveness and make common cents.

District-level Downsizing

Exploding state budget deficits are forcing administrators to cut their own jobs.

Education Reform Must Include the Arts

Arts education can increase student achievement and improve behavior for at-risk students, according to one study.