Designed for the school transportation industry, this software includes a vehicle maintenance module to track work orders, bus parts inventory and invoices. TransTraks’ student database and field/athletic trip module helps keep track of students and buses. The program’s employee timekeeping feature also includes biometric fingerprinting clock-in.

Crossing Enhancer

Bus drivers wear this product over their hands to let students know when it’s safe to cross the street in front of the bus. Designed by a professional school bus driver, the STEFFI Crossing Enhancer is bright yellow with a reflective arrow through the center, increasing visibility through window reflection and sun glare.

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From safety to staffing, tips for managing your school bus fleet

Push for more sleep for high schoolers intensifies

Early start times don’t match the adolescent biological clock, one expect says

Bus tracking tool gives parents peace of mind

With the swipe of a bus pass, Denver Public Schools students are answering the often-asked parent question, “Did my child get on the bus today?” Denver joins other districts in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and North Carolina trying to improve safety by using a system that tracks when and where students get on and off buses.

Without warning, Boston school bus drivers strike

Boston officials lashed out at a surprise strike yesterday morning by the city’s school bus drivers that affected more than 30,000 students, saying it was illegal and the city would take legal action against the drivers’ union and seek disciplinary action against drivers who participated.

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Sacramento-area school buses go high-tech

Within weeks, nearly 2,000 students boarding buses in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District will be able to swipe a card over a bar-code reader that is linked to GPS tracking. Each swipe will tell the school district – and, ultimately, inquiring parents – where and when a child got on or off the school bus.

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School bus safety is a joint effort

By requiring all school transportation vehicles to pass through a meticulous inspection process and drivers to meet specific, mandated state and federal standards, the MVC takes every step necessary to ensure that all of New Jersey’s 24,000 student transportation vehicles make the grade all year long. But the MVC cannot do it alone. The MVC, New Jersey school districts, and school bus companies must be strong partners to fully ensure student safety.

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Lake County (Fla.) sets new school-busing fee

Thousands of Lake County students who lost bus service this school year will soon be able to pay for the bus rides. Other students, meanwhile, will get free rides to school if their walking route is considered dangerous by a new School Board-created standard.

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Denver Public Schools give children bus cards to increase safety

Denver Public Schools will issue electronic cards to about 26,000 children in an effort to strengthen safety measures for those who take a bus to school.

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